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Critsburg's Website
Nov 22, 09 4:59 PM
Web Site Live on GuildPortal!
Nov 22, 09 3:35 PM
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All aboard the pwntrain. Last stop Critsburg Pawnsylvania. Come on guys I need more help on making this a really nice looking website. I know we really don't have that many members right now but websites are always a really good way to start if we ever deside to start recruting more people. I would also like to have something left over if we ever deside to quit World of Warcraft. So we can look back on the awesomely fun times and what we accomplished and stuff. I need stuff from you guys.

My laptop doesn't do screen shots for some reason, so I need from you screenshots of your main toon. Only your main. Alts will go somewhere else. But this is for the guild banner. I need to get a screenshot of us all doing poses of some sort. Then I need all of us to get together and make one huge picture of all of us. Just cause it would be awesome. Now get to work. Chop chop. If anyone wants a costum picture of your toon I can do it just give me the picture and tell me what you want.

Will and Patrick are the admins of this website (when ever you deside to join up)
Cathrine will be the editor and cheif
All the rest of you are Officers and will be apointed to be awesome.

-Eriaku / Catherine
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Critsburg's Website

NikaoMoon, Nov 22, 09 4:59 PM.
This is the first day of the begining of a awesome website. All of you guys need to donate stuff to the website and make it look pretty.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

NikaoMoon, Nov 22, 09 3:35 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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