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Happy Holidays

Duskblade88, Dec 15, 09 2:55 PM.
Hope every one has a good Holiday season

New Vent Information

TalianAion, Dec 4, 09 2:45 AM.
Hello all,

We have a new vent server. I am still working out the kinks, however it seems to be working. You must be a registered member of the Warring Angels site in order to gain access to the information. The information is listed under Information on the left side of the site.

If you have any questions please feel free to send me an in-game mail to Xendra.



TalianAion, Dec 4, 09 2:43 AM.
Thanks to contributions from Jazryn, Duskblade, Minu, Sinnux, Spazmonkey, Xendra and of course Wolfschaos we were able to raise the kinah needed to make this a level 3 legion. If I didn't mention someone that contributed kinah please write me in-game and I will be happy to add you. Wolfs is sleeping right now and he knows better then I do.

We also want to thank all the abyss points earners, without you we could not have done this either. When first we read the rules as to how to become a level 3 legion it stated you had to have 1,000,000 abyss points and 1,000,000 kinah. That has changed, we only needed 20,000 abyss points and thanks to all of your hardwork we had more then enough. They also misstated how much kinah we needed since it took 1,199,000 kinah plus more for the emblem change.

Again, thank you everyone for helping make Warring Angels an awesome legion to be a part of and for helping us grow.


New Sister Legion: Thundering Angels

TalianAion, Dec 4, 09 2:33 AM.
We have started a new legion called Thundering Angels. This legion is mainly for either lower levels or for the lower level alternative toons of Warring Angels members. If you have an alternative toon in Warring Angels we will ask that you put that toon in Thundering Angels. It is not that we do not what your toon in the Warring Angels, it is that we want to become a ranked legion, which means we need to accumulate Abyss points. You do not start to accumulate abyss points until you are level 25. If you have an alt in Thundering Angels and that alt gets to be over level 20 you can ask to have that alt moved into Warring Angels.

All toons in Warring Angels must be active at least every three days. This is so that we all have someone to talk to, ask advice of, group with or play with as much as possible. Lets face it, if you wanted to play alone you would be playing Oblivion. We want Warring Angels to be a fun, friendly, helpful, family like legion that makes you want to sign on to talk to your friends.

If you have any question please send an in-game mail to Wolfschaos
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