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New Endgame Shell, New Website
Jul 23, 10 10:17 PM
Dynamis Payouts to Start in February
Jan 21, 10 11:20 AM
New Shell
Dec 31, 09 7:19 AM
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Welcome to Another Day (AD)

Often in FFXI linkshells are destroyed. But AD is one that dies and is rebuilt stronger than ever. AD started out as a pure social linkshell, called AlternateDestiny. AlternateDestiny was destroyed when our former linkshell leader was hacked, but he came back to us and rebuilt AD into a social/endgame linkshell called AwakenedDestiny. Now once again, the LS has been destroyed and remade into something stronger and more organized, with more events and much much more fun, called AnotherDay. Welcome to the legacy that is AD.


New Endgame Shell, New Website

ZathraCat, Jul 23, 10 10:17 PM.
Our new name is AncientDawn.
New website:

Dynamis Payouts to Start in February

ZathraCat, Jan 21, 10 11:20 AM.
This LS is getting to have too much gil and we want to give some to the people who help earn it :-)  Check out the new Dynamis payout rules posted in the members-only section of the Forums.

New Shell

ZathraCat, Dec 31, 09 7:19 AM.
AD has morphed yet again! Due to a change in leadership, we have a new shell called Dawn, with Crimm as leader. For a pearl, please see Crimm, Ailuj, Freugrer, Gedag, Lescal, Minimax, Nipun, Rufaynia, Steak, Sylvar, or Zathra.
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