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Welcome to HERO

I hope this will give you some insight to our guild if you are considering joining us, and even if you have already become one of us.

HERO is made up of quality players over quantity of players. We are a guild that functions on the aid and enjoyment of eachother as well as guild outsiders. We are helpers, but do not permit the misuse of our help through acts such as begging or being taken advantage of. We function as a dual factioned guild which makes for a fun time on the battlefields and in guildchat. When our founder Joewe created HERO it stood for Heroic Elite Ranged Order. We were originally focused on heroics from a non melee standpoint, but soon grew to become the HERO we are today with not only experienced ranged trained fighters, but Jedi, Entertainers, and Crafters alike.

Our fearless leader Wasp has taken Joewe's torch and is carrying on his vision and ours with this highly educated and problem solving group of HEROs. As with many guilds, we have our ups and downs in guild activity. This would be one of our downtimes and also why we are interested in recruiting the best and more active players to make our SWG experience even more enjoyable. Most of our players are over 18 and experienced in SWG as an elder. We keep the banter semiclean in guildchat, but some fun is allowed of course. The guild is mostly run by females. We believe any gender can have fun in this guild and are not sexist or racist. Although we do ask that Bothans take an extra bath or two. /smirk

We are also a guild that does not stand for certain ignorance and childish behavior such as pestering, cheating, begging, stealing and evil shenanigans (though being and Imperial is ok /wink). We are respectful and wear our tag with pride and wish not to give it a bad reputation. We have worked very hard to build our guild city HERO HAVEN located on Corelia via shuttle. We wish to keep it a thriving place for visitors and ourselves. Whatever your knack for SWG may be, from decorating to killing undead zombies... there's a place for you in HERO.

Do know that we take our guildtag seriously and consider it an honor and privelage. Your 1st few days with us is hopefully the beginning of a great adventure and will go on for many days after. Thank you for your consideration and/or welcome to HERO! We're all here for a reason...let's make it together!

If you're interested in talking with a guild Senator I will provide a list of those in command:

Senator: Vah-ran, Keldun, Garatool, Dren'

RECRUITING for the best!

Vah-ran, Nov 25, 09 6:45 AM.
Make sure to spend time with your recruits. We don't wish them to join and never talk to us. We're a family!

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Vah-ran, Nov 25, 09 6:02 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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