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Guild Charter READ ME
Nov 27, 09 1:44 PM
Nov 27, 09 1:08 PM
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The Makers is a family oriented tradeskilling guild.  We come together to help each other obtain materials for crafting and share trade secrets.  Our goal is to help each person obtain 300 in their respective skills, a journey best acheived with friends.

Guild Charter READ ME

BulahMayong, Nov 27, 09 1:44 PM.
Makers Charter

1.  We are family oriented, all content should be acceptable for both the ears of an adult or child.

2.  We are not a raiding guild - if you have expectations of raiding, power leveling, help with epics - that is not our focus.  We are a tradeskilling guild, first and foremost.  We gather together to aid each other in obtaining the highest skill possible in our respective skills.

3.  The guild bank is for all.  Rare items will be marked as banker only.  Please contact a banker or officer for assistance.  We ask everyone to contribute your unused tradeskill items and we will do the same for you.

4.  Our leadership structure and charter rules are subject to change as needed.  At this time there is only 1 guild leader and banker.  We will add to this as needed to maintain the function of the guild.


BulahMayong, Nov 27, 09 1:08 PM.
Check out the guildbank for materials, if you don't see it there, ask an officer.
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