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(Extended/ Better Version)


Death By Snu Snu (Formerly The Intergalactic Travel Companions<3, if not for length  restrictions) Doesn't sound to serious does it? Well  that's the idea. But if you think we aren't serious about Star Wars well....You've Damn Well Got Allot of Nerve Mister -.-

                                                                                  Is This Guild For You?

This is a Republic Guild.
(Although you can go light or dark if you wish)
On a PVP server (to add an element of realism to areas)
Looking for all classes as of now.
The main purpose of the guild is to create a network of reliable, trusted players to help each other out while retaining independence(pretty much a guild duh)
For those inerested we are also building toward Pvp teams for ranked and unranked warzones that can work well together and know the mechanics and strategy of the warzoness. (See Below for PvP goals) 
Those with raid experience are free to step into the limelight during raid time to assist those less experienced.

Our Goal: To Snu Snu the Universe
We want to create a stress-free, nerdrage-free, positive environment.
Casual to Hardcore; Star Wars impaired to intense Star Wars love bordering on the inappropriate. All are welcome. DBSS is chill and friendly. Some of us may really get into Star Wars, but enjoyment mustn't suffer for lack of drops etc. You won't be chastised for causing a wipe, or missing a raid

This is intended to be a Casual/ Hardcore Guild How can we have both? Isn't Casual and Hardcore together just a "Pipe Dream"? Well some of the best dreams I've had have been due to my pipe.

Hardcore: Allot of play time, allot of Questing, Raiding, getting neat stuff to look cool and just be a Star Wars nerd.  We are the hardcore fans who want to see and do everything.

Casual: you will not be shunned for your lack of playtime. People have lives, we know, so if you want to just hop on for a quick quest, go ahead. Don’t have the best gear? Fuck it, do what you can. Heck Spin around in circles all day if you want, it's your game.  Some angry "people"(people in this case meaning hollow shells filled with primordial sludge) may think you aren't as good, or your stats and spec aren't "right" but here you can just be.
Choose your poison, pop on some tunes, and just be in Star Wars.

Pvp Strikeforce(a working title) 
Ideally after gearing up, the pvp team will be a defending force for Republic. We will fight the Sith on all fronts. We can provide help to nonranked Republic Wz's. We will avenge  lowbies being trolled by ganking Sith d-bags. We can also schedule large scale Pvp raids for Heroic areas, city raids,Ilum etc.
That's not to say we will be ganking lowbie Sith for no reason. Such actions are beneath us and frowned upon. 
I would also like some sort of themed PVP days, like pure stealth day, smuggler day, jedi day, naked day? Tron day? etc.

Raids/ Warzones/ Flashpoints:  
These are to be fun first and foremost. We want the loot, and the wins of course; therefore, there will be focus and intent, but not in so far as to make it a chore or a grind. If we wipe, try again and try harder.

 The [Hard]core members of the guild will Raid and partake in Warzones. Those in the outer orbit will be the casual players, free to assist if they wish. Keep in mind because of the nature of the guild "endgame" may not always be a priority for everyone, every week and the core may shift to the casual to take a break and do some exploration, extra warzones etc. IF YOU MUST RAID EVERY WEEK AND FARM FLASHPOINTS IN EXCESS WITH NO BREAK THAT IS FINE, IF ENOUGH OF YOU WANT TO
**But don't let that discourage you, it is simply the nature of the beast.

Ventrillo: If enough people are interested we may upgrade to a paid Vent account. You don’t have to use Vent but it will help with raids and general guild socializing.
.Downloading Instructions:
1) Go to the Ventrilo website.
2) Click the ‘Downloads’ link.
3) Choose from one of the appropriate Client Programs.

Being A Member
While not out Causing Death via Snu Snu There are things to remember:

- Representing the Guild: When you play, you are one of the many faces of DBSS. Please keep other people’s feelings in mind and behave appropriately. It’s general decency and it shows people DBSS are a band of “Cool Cats”

- Be Kind Please Rewind: Remember video cassette? Nevermind. Be respectful of all players especially fellow guild members. Help each other out, be polite. I’m not saying you should run around giving everyone hugs & flowers. Just have decency.

- No Nerdrage:
This is a game. Games are fun; you will lose from time to time, but don't bring people down because of it. Nobody wants to play with “Captain Bring Down”

-Face Loot Distribution Reality: If you don’t get what you want don’t complain. You will NOT get every drop you want every time, cope with it maturely. 

- Don’t Be a Snob : Don’t talk down. Don't be an ass-hat; Nobody starts out as an expert so don't act like you did.

- Greed/Theft/ Mooching: By all means work together, ask for help, but if the day does come and somebody needs your help, don't dismiss them unfairly. Give and Take.  There is a 0% tolerance for theft of any kind.

- Have Fun: Let your Freak Flag Fly

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