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Forums : Application > Valanos; 80 Enhancement Shaman; Zangarmarsh
Valanos18 (Associate) 4/20/2010 2:14 PM EST : Valanos; 80 Enhancement Shaman; Zangarmarsh

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Character Name: Valanos

Current Server: Zangarmarsh

Armory Link: (use the URL tags)

Days Played: Total play time, 121 days, 5 hours, 43 minutes

Class: Shaman

Age and Sex: 17 and Male

Achievement Points:
How many points do you have? What are your thoughts on 25 man raid achievements? Do you object to wiping on farm content to learn and beat the encounter in a new and challenging way?

I have 5555 achievement points currently.  When it comes to farm content, I have no problem with wiping to get a new and exciting achievement. 

About Your Spec:
Please describe your preferred spec and how it fits into a raid.

My preferred spec as my shaman is enhancement.  Currently it is 18/53/0.  I specc'd into Improved Str of Earth and Windfury to benefit the raid.  Most cookie cutter specs have two points in improved Stormstrike, but in a raid environment, mana problems are rare.  as such, I put the two points in Improved Fire Nova to increase damage on AoE trash, as well as bosses. 

About Your Gear:
Describe your gearing and glyph choices. Do you have epic gems and maxed enchants on your gear?

My gearing usually that has mail gear with either Hit, haste, or Crit.  Armor Pen is not a stat that is needed for an enhancement shaman.  My glyphs are stormstrike, which increase the debuff damage on my stromstrike.  Feral Spirit, which increases my ghost wolves attack power by 30% of my own, and Windfury weapon, which increases the chances of windfury proccing by 2%.  I have maxed out enchants on all my enhancement gear, and all epic gems, excluding my meta. 

Time Zones & Attendance:
What was your attendance % for raids at your last raiding guild? How many times during the “typical” week of raiding are you late, or have to leave the raid early?

A larger portion of the time, which is about 90% i will stick around as late as i can, which is 12:00 EST, which is 11:00 CST, 10:00 server.  However, if needed, I will stay up later if it comes down to it.  rarely do I leave raids early, unless it is important, which I will let an officer or the Guild Master know before-hand if that happens.  The only night in which I cannot make it until as early as 8:30 EST, 6:30 server, is monday nights.  Other than that, every other night I am available. 

Time Availability:
What days/times are you available? Are you able to make scheduled raids and come prepared?

As I said above, only mondays am I not available until 6:30 server, 8:30 EST.  I come prepared as necessary which is mostly just flasks.  I am also a maxed out cook, so I can bring fish feasts if needed as well. 

Reasons to Join:
Why are you applying to Dissolution? What do you offer the guild? Why do we want you?

I am applying because you are a very progressed guild, and I would like to get in on Hard modes and finish ICC both in 10 and 25.  I am an experienced raider that is situationally aware and does not stand in fire, or get hit by ghosts on Death whisper.  With your need of enhancement shamans, I bring to the raid totems, as well as a sizeable amount of dps. 

How did you hear about Dissolution?
Recruitment post? Word of mouth? Website? Which one?

Mostly word of mouth, with everyone talking about Dissolution.  I've heard about you back when ToC came around, and Disso became more and more progressed ever since. 

Previous Guild Experience:
List the exact name of previous guilds, the server, the name of your character while in that guild, and your reasons for leaving them.

My first Raiding Guild was Blood Angels, afterwards was Vindication, then Geek Squad, then Crusade, Then Nemesis Unleashed, and most recently Anger.  My reasons for leaving are as follows:

Blood Angels: Were wiping on Faerlina for three weeks straight never getting anywhere. 

Vindication: Disbanded during the night

Geek Squad: Not enough people came on to even do 10 mans, let alone 25

Crusade: Guild master gave up leadership to power hungry officer, started on a mass demotion spree, didn't want to deal with their shit anymore.

Nemesis Unleashed: A lot of core raiders left to start a 10 man, and we could never get enough people on for  25

Anger: Joined for about two weeks, but was beat out of my spot for one of their friends (who was and enhancement shaman)

Past WoW Raiding Experience:
Discuss your prior endgame raiding experience, list specific instances.

None during Vanilla.  During BC I raided Karazhan and Zul'Aman.  When Wrath Came out, Naxx 10 and 25, Ulduar 10 and 25, ToC 10 and 25, Heroic 10, and ICC 10 and 25, with a few heroic 10's and 25's here and there. 

WMO or WoL of your performance in raid:

Computer Specifications:
How old is your current computer? Can your machine handle 25 man raids with lots of activity without locking up or slowing down?

My computer is nearly one year old.  My computer can run 25's on a lot of my specs up high and not effect my total performance.  There will be times where it will slow down for a bit, but it will not kick me. 

Internet Connection:
What type of internet connection do you have?


Do you have Ventrilo and a working mic?


Do you have Omen installed and activated?



List anything that you feel puts you above others of your class and spec.
I have been playing my class since the beginning of BC, especially my spec, have not respecc'd more than a few times when I hit 80.  I can adapt and change my playstyle depending on the fight.  I also run Shock and Awe, which allows me to play my class effectively, and still be situationally aware. 
Thank you for your time, and hope to be raiding with you guys soon.

Characters: Valanos

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