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Sonadin83 (Member) 10/29/2010 11:23 PM EST : Sonadin - Paladin - Zangarmarsh (Horde)

Posts: 5

Character Name: Sonadin

Current Server: Zangarmarsh

Armory Link:

Days Played: 27 Days on the Paladin. (Between my Warrior, Mage, Paladin, and Druid a total of 251 days)

Class: Paladin

Age and Sex: 27, Male

Achievement Points:
How many points do you have? What are your thoughts on 25 man raid achievements? Do you object to wiping on farm content to learn and beat the encounter in a new and challenging way?

3175. If there is an achievement out there I will do my best to get it.  I love to raid and am down to do whatever.

About Your Spec:
Please describe your preferred spec and how it fits into a raid.

I've just returned to the game after nearly a year off (due to focusing on my final year of Medical School) and was surprised to see all the changes that have taken place.  Before I make a new spec I'm going to do my homework and read/research everything I can to figure out what the best build for the guild/raid is.

As to what specs I've done before. I was a Ret pally all through Ulduar.  Then the guild needed a tank for ICC so I switched to Prot pally and played that roll.  I would really like to return to being a Ret pally but as I said above, I'll do whats best for the guild. (Please don't ask me to heal, I've never done it and have no idea where to start).

About Your Gear:
Describe your gearing and glyph choices. Do you have epic gems and maxed enchants on your gear?

As I've been gone for nearly a year I'm in pretty much all 10 man ICC Prot gear.  As to my Ret gear, I have several ICC 10 man pieces as well as a few 245 and 232 pieces from various places. (I don't take what would benefit others more, so I rarely ever took any of the dps gear from ICC, only what no one wanted or already had).

Time Zones & Attendance:
What was your attendance % for raids at your last raiding guild? How many times during the “typical” week of raiding are you late, or have to leave the raid early?

I had 100% raid attendance with my previous raiding group. I think in the time that I played/raided with them I was late to ONE event due to a surgery I was assisting/observing in during my M3 year taking longer than anticipated.

Time Availability:
What days/times are you available? Are you able to make scheduled raids and come prepared?

I can be at every scheduled raid time currently listed. In January my residency begins so I'll be able to submit my availability to them and plan ahead for all the scheduled raids so that I will be here. I come to every raid Amped up and Ready to progress!

On NON-raid days I will be available after 830pm CST until whenever.

Reasons to Join:
Why are you applying to Dissolution? What do you offer the guild? Why do we want you?

I'm applying because I always strive to be the best and I would love the opportunity to play/raid with some of the best that Zangarmarsh has to offer. I can take direction, know how to listen and follow, and I'm raid aware.

How did you hear about Dissolution?
Recruitment post? Word of mouth? Website? Which one?

Word of mouth.  Terribul is a good friend and I told him I was finally coming back to the game.  The first thing he said was to come and apply to Dissolution.  The second was for me to switch to Alliance.  Then he told me that Hellheim had switched sides and joined the guild as well. This excites me!

Previous Guild Experience:
List the exact name of previous guilds, the server, the name of your character while in that guild, and your reasons for leaving them.

Cause for Concern, Zangarmarsh, Sonadin: Focused on my final year of Medical School

Attrition, Hellscream, Rohir(Concuzzion, Sonaden): Stopped playing just before BC released to begin Medical School and focus on making it through my M1 year.

Past WoW Raiding Experience:
Discuss your prior endgame raiding experience, list specific instances.

Level 60 Cap: MC(had the first Thunderfury on Hellscream, there were 3 total). Ony, All of the world bosses, BWL, ZG, AQ(Attrition actually opened the gates for the server and our GL (Alpha) had the bug mount from it). Naxx (cleared it before BC launched) I missed all of the BC raids due to Medical School.

Level 80 Cap: CoA, EoE, Ony (again), Naxx (again), Ulduar, ToC, ToGC, ICC 10 up to LK, ICC 25 up to Sindragosa.

WMO or WoL of your performance in raid:

It has been so long since I've raided that all of the reports are expired.

Computer Specifications:
How old is your current computer? Can your machine handle 25 man raids with lots of activity without locking up or slowing down?

My computer is just over one year old.  I have yet to come across any problems during raiding. My latency is below 200 99% of the time.

Internet Connection:
What type of internet connection do you have?

Fiber optic

Do you have Ventrilo and a working mic?

Yes and Yes

Do you have Omen installed and activated?

I will. This is something else that I have to read up on. What add-ons are hot for paladins now, etc...


List anything that you feel puts you above others of your class and spec.

Seriously, who doesn't want a MD in their guild?  Joking aside, I go that extra mile any time I can.  I will own up to any mistake I make and learn from it. I give 100% at every raid and do my best to encourage everyone around me.

Filling out this form "perfect" isn't required.  I listed out things i think that would be helpful to know.  Just give us some information so that you look and feel like you'd be an asset for dissolution.

Characters: Sonadin

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