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Sealfon (SuperAdmin) 3/1/2010 3:22 PM EST : Applying to Dissolution
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All questions can be handled by PM'ing Axkivo, Oopo, Kaboom, Itsabeebo, sealfon, or Xaphel in-game or via in-game mail.

NOTE:  Dissolution is currently only raiding 25man hard mode content.  We are only looking to accept players that are geared out of normal mode content.  Worldoflogs or similar combat stat logs will be required for any dps that would like to app.

1. Please take the time to fully read over our raid times and raid ideals.

2. Copy and paste the questions listed below into a new topic within our Recruitment Forum, and then insert your answers. Please put your name, class and server in the subject of the thread.

3. If your application passes the first step someone will respond to your thread to set up an interview.


Character Name:

Current Server:

Armory Link: (use the URL tags)

Days Played:


Age and Sex:

Achievement Points:
How many points do you have? What are your thoughts on 25 man raid achievements? Do you object to wiping on farm content to learn and beat the encounter in a new and challenging way?

About Your Spec:
Please describe your preferred spec and how it fits into a raid.

About Your Gear:
Describe your gearing and glyph choices. Do you have epic gems and maxed enchants on your gear?

Time Zones & Attendance:
What was your attendance % for raids at your last raiding guild? How many times during the “typical” week of raiding are you late, or have to leave the raid early?

Time Availability:
What days/times are you available? Are you able to make scheduled raids and come prepared?

Reasons to Join:
Why are you applying to Dissolution? What do you offer the guild? Why do we want you?

How did you hear about Dissolution?
Recruitment post? Word of mouth? Website? Which one?

Previous Guild Experience:
List the exact name of previous guilds, the server, the name of your character while in that guild, and your reasons for leaving them.

Past WoW Raiding Experience:
Discuss your prior endgame raiding experience, list specific instances.

WMO or WoL of your performance in raid:

Computer Specifications:
How old is your current computer? Can your machine handle 25 man raids with lots of activity without locking up or slowing down?

Internet Connection:
What type of internet connection do you have?

Do you have Ventrilo and a working mic?

Do you have Omen installed and activated?


List anything that you feel puts you above others of your class and spec.

Filling out this form "perfect" isn't required.  I listed out things i think that would be helpful to know.  Just give us some information so that you look and feel like you'd be an asset for dissolution.

This topic was moved from forum Guild Information to forum Application on 3/11/2010 11:45 AM by Xaphel.

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