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Welcome to the BDFE Homepage.

Balderfrey Enterprises is a primarily a manufacturing corp, but functions as a multi-fauceted corp comprised of a mining, manufacturing, marketing and combat divisions. We believe that the gaming experience is only as good as the people you play the game with. Here at BDFE we focus on "The Good Principle"; Good people + Good attitudes + Good ethics = Good gaming experience.

Recruitment is OPEN to all races. Contact Balnir Morlemaine,CEO, for all diplomacy related issues.

Diplomatic Divison

Balnir Morlemaine, CEO & Head of State
Karonys, Diplomat and Intel Director

Combat Division
Nina Nine and Takuraki, Wing Commanders
Jmenace, Squad Commander

Current Arms Posture; NRDS

Marketing Division

Takuraki, Marketing Director
Aubrey Kaine & Nina Nine & Thomas Mcleese, Logistics Assistant

Contact Takuraki for info concerning market orders, prices, and contracts. We sell ships and mods to members under market prices.

Manufacturing Division

Aubrey Kaine, Manufacturing Director
Thomas Mcleese & Nina Nine, Manufacturing Assistant

Currently manufacturing T1 Ships and Mods. Able to produce most T2 mods and in the process of producing T2 and T3 ships. Contact Aubrey Kaine for more info.

Mining Division

Thomas Mcleese, Mining Director
Nina Nine & Aubrey Kaine, Mining Assistant

Weekly minining ops, Events scheduled on website calendar

New Poll Added

Nina Nine, May 12, 10 2:25 AM.
Who will win in a corp wide, no hold bars, fire fight? You be the judge! Go to voting and vote your pick! Don't see yourself? No worries, that means you met your glorious end within the opening volleys =)


Chysgoda finally coming back online full time

chysgoda, Mar 21, 10 12:32 PM.
I should be home the second week In April So I will be back in full swing of things by then if not sooner, connectivity out here is not what it is at home, So I am looking forward to getting back in the brunt of things with al of you guys, and gals.

Tonight's Fleet Fit Training

chysgoda, Jan 6, 10 7:02 AM.
We are going to practice focussing fire and transfers, so those of you who have transfer abilities, remore repair, shield transfer, capacitor transfers, let see a couple support ships tongiht. We will be grabbing Level 4's from Auvergne again near the dodixie sytem as soon as I log on I will have a fleet up if one is not up already.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

chysgoda, Dec 3, 09 4:25 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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