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Rohn763, Dec 6, 09 6:48 PM.

1st Airborne Company "Rippers", 763rd Air Assault Regiment, 182nd Legion.

During the Clone Wars the 182nd Legion served with honour and courage, fighting in numerous campaigns against the vast armies of the Seperatists. However it would be late in the war, during the Outer Rim Sieges that the 182nd would see its darkest hour to date.

They were shipped out to the world of Felucia, near the Perlemian Trade Route, a barely inhabitable jungle world, full of strange, deadly plants and creatures. Their mission was to eliminate every Separatist stronghold on the planet.

Shortly after arriving, Republic High Command lost all contact with the 182nd, the 501st Legion were dispatched, to find them all but wiped out. Artillery fire and Seperatists Ambushes had weakened them, while predators and flesh eating viruses picked them off one by one.

Those that remained continued to fight throughout the war, specialising in ambushes, raids and guerilla warfare. Tactics that earnt them the nickname "Rippers", named for the Felucian Rippers that prowled the jungles. Large ray-like predators, that would lie in wait in shallow water, or undergrowth ready to pounce on anything unfortunate enough to walk too close. When hunting the Rippers would soar above the jungle canopy, circling their prey before swooping down at the creatures head with a mouth full of jagged teeth.

Stories of the Rippers activities were a little-believed myth on Felucia until the end of the war, when the men of what remained of the 1st Airborne Company emerged from the jungles, thirty men in total.

With the creation of the Empire the Rippers story was largely forgotten, what remained was disolved and the legion mothballed.

Years later General Husk, who had served during the Clone Wars was enjoying a prosperous military career, when he suffered a crushing defeat during the Tirok Campaign. Loosing a large number of the men under his command, he was forced to withdraw and bombard the planet from orbit. Embarassed Imperial High Command swept the incident under the rug, giving Husk command of a small Penal Colony in the far reaches of space.

For ten years the General worked to turn the dilapidated facility into a nearly fully automated prison facility, capable of housing twice as many convicts as before. High Command finally bowed down to his demands that he be given a command position suitable for a man with his rank and service history.

And so, General Rusik Husk took command of the newly reinstated 182nd Legion. His first mission was to turn what was essentially just a number, with no man-power assigned to it into a fully functioning military unit. Through various old contacts he managed to con a small number of new Stormtrooper recruits into signing up. He procured an ancient Bayonet-Class Light Cruiser, which he personally refurbished and hired a skeleton crew for. Still lacking in manpower he turned to the Penal System he had watched over for a decade, hand selecting ex soldiers, criminals and pirates, plucking them from the clutches of death and offering them a choice: "Serve, or die."

With numerous enemies spread out across the Empire, internal and external. The eyes of the Imperial Security Bureau waiting for a slip up, and soldiers he can never truly trust, Husk must strive to complete the deadly missions that are thrown his way. Eager to regain his former glory, and in the process, that of the 182nd Legion, Husk and the Rippers are fighting a war all on their own.

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