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Another Mythical Weapon!!
Jan 2, 10 5:44 AM
And the game continues ...
Dec 22, 09 12:51 AM
What have we been up to?
Dec 7, 09 12:03 AM
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Welcome to Bound by Blood's website!

Bound by Blood was created on Thursday, December 3rd 2009, by Colbie and myself. We had been in a few guilds in the eight months we have been on the Najena server and several more in the five years (on and off) that we have been playing. None of these guilds were what we were interested in and were tired of the being let down time after time, so we created our guild! Bound by Blood was created with a few in game friends and we are now a happy little group that goofs off and explores Norrath together. We will not actively recruit, as neither Colbie or I really want to run a guild, but any friends that we meet along the way are more than welcome to join if their character/s need a home. We don't have any rules and/or requirements as it is just used as a place for a couple close friends to get together and spend some game time together. As of right now we are guild level fifteen and our goal is thirty, so that we can get our T1 guild hall (for easy travel). I for one can say that I'm having a blast so far! 

Another Mythical Weapon!!

Ashwee2986, Jan 2, 10 5:44 AM.
Colbie got his mythical weapon on Wednesday, Dec. 30th by getting in on a last minute VP raid thanks to a good in-game friend! Feels good knowing that any end-game raiding we do for the time being is strictly up to us. No need to spam channels looking for raids on certain mobs! :-P Khay and Colb are currently filling up with T3 armor and next will hopefully be some better jewelry. All-in-All, we have both gotten pretty lucky with the gear we have gotten and are trying to take the game one step at a time and enjoy all of the content that we can. So glad Sony added the chrononmage, it is so much fun to pick up all the AA you didn't get along the way.

Pix of Colb and his myth will be posted soon!

And the game continues ...

Ashwee2986, Dec 22, 09 12:51 AM.
Khay got her mythical weapon thanks to a wonderful group of raiders, and Colbie (for finding out when all the raids were happening). We are currently one update away from Colbie's and that will hopefully happen in a short amount of time. As a small group of friends, we have lost a member due to in-game pettiness. To be honest I don't even know what happened and this person doesn't seem to have any care to explain or even talk anymore, so I say good riddance! I left the luxury of large, already built guilds because drama always seemed to ensue and I have absolutely no need to participate in such acts. The true in-game friends will always be there anyway, and that's all I can really ask for. :)

Luvely is currently working on her epic updates and I will hopefully find the time in the near future to help her in the completion of getting her fabled weapon and then it will be time to start her on the myth updates!

Colb and I have been exploring the riches that Norrath has to offer, by completing the Chronomage "Daily Tasks" and they seem to be opening us up to some short instances that we never knew of. The loot is pretty bad, but the AA is steady and I can never complain about the progress to reaching 200 points!

What have we been up to?

Ashwee2986, Dec 7, 09 12:03 AM.
Today (December 6th, 2009) Colbie, Khayali (me), and Evilnok joined another guild in slaying Leviathan and getting my second update and Evil's first for our mythical weapons! If all goes well we will all three have our fancy new weapons soon!
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