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***Vent normalization***
Dec 23, 11 6:51 PM
Nov 23, 11 4:05 AM
Nov 21, 11 2:45 PM
Nov 18, 11 8:27 PM
New Guildies
Nov 18, 11 8:25 PM
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I want to welcome all new comers The Knights of Ni, we pride ourselves on being a Guild that actually encourages you to play how you want and what you want, we will not ask you to lvl up anything just because we may need it, you pay monthly to have fun not to be told what to do ( at least not all the time). Please be prepared to be ASKED to join in on Guild activities such as  pvp, questing, and yes even some fun times at times. Feel free to ask any questions, any concerns and any bitching...above all move in , relaxe,  and enjoy your stay

Zalie, Kalahari, Cuffsy ~ your guild leader/owner

Taterchip, Floggy, Fairytail~ Leader and husband to Cuffsy

Acudia, Frelissa,  Sindoza ~ Leader and best friend to Cuffsy and Floggy

Iceblood, Dark - Senior Officer and well loved by all of us for several years!

Karonis ~ Jedi, He has become very dear to us in the short time we have been with him

Leader ~Jammer will always be loved and remembered by those of us who knew him. Be in peace now Jammer, we will game again one day in heaven with you!

Nizzy (Sean Miller) 1991-2011. You were a part of our family for many years, loosing you hurts more than you would know. We love and miss you.

As we go along we will be adding more to this list, everyone of you are important and we are thankful to have you with us!!


***Vent normalization***

gizmo4151, Dec 23, 11 6:51 PM.
***Vent normalization***
Added 12/7/2009 2:14 PM by gizmo4151

Here's how: 

Vent normalization makes everybody’s voice the exact same volume. In 
essence, you won’t blow your ears out or have difficulty hearing 
people. Here’s how:

Go to Setup

Enable Direct Sound

Select the SFX Button

Select Compressor and click Add.

Under Compressor Properties, use the following settings:

Gain = Adjust for how loud you want people to be. (I use 15)

Attack = 0.01

Release = Around 500

Threshold = Around -30

Ratio = 100

Pre delay = 4.0


How much volume you feed into the compressor. Not really relevant 
unless everyone is too quiet, then you can turn this up a little; 
turning it up too much will sound EXTREMELY horrible.


How fast volume change will happen. Example: setting this to 500 means 
that anything coming in will only be dropped in volume after a half a 
second. For Vent this should be set as low as possible.


How fast the compressor stops changing things. not really that relevant 
with Vent, setting it around 500 is good for voice material.


This sets the point where we actually start changing what’s coming in. 
Whereas 0 is the absolute loudest you can have for an input, -60 is 
super quiet. Average users will probably come in somewhere around -25 
to -15, with the occaisional few being really quiet, which is why I 
have this set so low.


How much any sound below the set threshold gets compressed and/or 
modified in the volume department. If you still want to hear SOME 
volume variation, then set this lower (2-4)… the higher you set it, the 
closer in volume everyone will be.

Pre Delay

Mostly just deals with processing; with computer and digital processors 
they can look ahead a few milliseconds to see what needs to be dropped 
in volume or changed before it actually comes through the speakers. 
Highest is ideal.


Tazzieness, Nov 23, 11 4:05 AM.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving Day everyone. Please be safe in your travels to and from your families homes, eat to much sleep alot and never drink n drive!!  See you all Saturday!


fahadali, Nov 21, 11 2:45 PM.
garts to Abbe and X for the new baby girl


Tazzieness, Nov 18, 11 8:27 PM.
GRATS go to Abbe and X who have a beautiful new baby girl born on Nov. 14th 2011

New Guildies

Tazzieness, Nov 18, 11 8:25 PM.
We want to welcome those who came from Dominance! Welcome to the family please make yourself at home
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