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537249291_Inactive, Sep 9, 06 7:52 PM.
Over the past few months the Order of the Templar have been going under serious reconstruction and the officers and members have endured several meetings. There have been several changes in the way everything is run.

ALL ranks can invite

Rank 3 and higher are officers

Officer meetings and guild meetings will be seperate

In order to get promoted, an officer must nominate the member at the monthly officer meeting, then the officers must agree on promoting or not.

In order to get promoted past rank 5 ALL officers must vote

There will be an event held at least every two weeks, any requests, send a tell to an officer

Any complaints should go up chain of command (e.g. if your a rank 8 and u have a problem with a person rank 8 as well, and there is a rank 5 on send a tell to the rank 5 even if guild leader is on, if the rank 5 sees fit to they will inform the guild leader)

Keep fights in tells or chat groups

DO NOT spam guild chat

DO NOT use and excess of capital letters in guild chat

and keep swearing to a minimum

Alot huh? if you have any questions an officer will be able to answer it or they can just send me (Euan) a tell or an email. This guild has been around for quite a while now and we have recruited alot of people the past month so lets keep it up and hopefully get some more new people and promotions in late September. Besafe and see you all soon.

      Worshipful Grand Master
      Euan McGregor

TS once again

537249291_Inactive, Jan 15, 06 12:30 AM.

Greetings my fellow Templar, we once again have a teamspeak server for the guild! If any of you see Brightshadow on, you should probably say thank you since he is the one who set it all up and is paying for it. The server address is password OOT.  THANK YOU AGAIN BRIGHTSHADOW!!!

                                                               Euan McGregor (a.k.a. Obi-Wan)

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