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Dec 16, 09 8:21 PM
Let's Make Some Money!
Dec 12, 09 8:49 PM
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Welcome To the Guild of Calamitous Intent home page!

To all members,
We now have a guild page!(as you already know, because you are hear :)) This webpage will be used for general guild announcements, game related discussions, and maybe a little socializing, for when your not playing of course! So make an account with guild portal, and send an application to join the guild site. The website will only be viewable by non-members for two more weeks!

I will be updating the page frequently, so check back often!

NOTE: Im still trying to utilize all the functions available on this site, and i will keep you posted as i learn more!


Follower-EU, Dec 16, 09 8:21 PM.
Hey Guildies, Theres a poll up in the voting section! Give it a look see!

Let's Make Some Money!

Follower-EU, Dec 12, 09 8:49 PM.
Let's be honest, we could all use a little bit more Gold! For those of you who havent tried it, pet part harvesting can be a very lucrative activity. The only problem: it can take along time to make it lucrative on your own! When you harvest with lvl 1 pets theres only a 5-6% chance of success!
So as our first guild GROUP ACTIVITY (lol sounds like pre-school) we will be slaughtering precious baby ponies and hatchlings! 

What you will need:
10 or 20 drake eggs*
10 or 20 pan flutes*
A little bit of patience

*I say 10 or 20, because it depends on the number of guild members participating i'll give a specific # when the time, meeting place, and # of members involved is set! But start saving them now, you don't want to be left out! 

Now you might be asking yourself: "How can we make money off of this?" Well for those of you who don't know, there are four pet parts need for the ichi/scrachi quests. Two for ichi(Dragon Brain and Dragon Heart) and two for scrachi(Horse mane and Horse Skin). These particular parts can be sold for 200mil, and ive seen them as high as 400mil!  These parts and all others are also used to make to make special horse armor and dragon weopons. Besides the four for the pet quests the animal parts do not sell for very much! (ive seen between 5 and 10mil, How fast they would sell at these prices i can not say)

Once we have obtained the pet parts they will go to the GM (me) and maybe GS's to be sold in merchant mode. once the items are sold, the gold received from these items will be evenly distributed amongst the participants! 1 Dragon brain = 200-400mil/10 participants = 20-40mil for everybody! SWEET!

I will try and have this be a recurring event so we all can have a decent income! i will post a time in the upcoming week! 
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