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In all seriousness...

Arekin, Aug 17, 10 1:54 PM.
We all game to have fun.  We all do this in different ways.

Please make sure your method of fun is not interfering with others methods of fun.  This may have been stated harshly of late but when it comes down to it, this is all about respect folks.  If we see you being disrespectful to your guildmates, especially those in a raid with you, you will be spoken to and repeat offenders may find themselves out of a raid / guild.


A Change in Plans

Yasatsu, Jul 11, 10 1:13 PM.
It has been brought to my attention that lately we have been losing our focus on what this guild was created to do. Which is progression raiding. I know that I myself have gotten so wrapped up in badge farming I.E. The weekly that I have lost sight of our goal, which is to down the friggin Lich King and get us the Kingslayer titles that we all deserve. Hell there are probably quite a few of us that are frutsrated at where we are stuck in ICC and are beginning to think that other options might be more fruitfull. All these points were brought to my attention and I heartily agreed with them. From now on when it comes to the weekly and or Ruby Sanctum they will no longer be done during our slotted raid time. If you need help with these, ask one of the officers if we can set it up another time. At 6:00 pm server time I would like all of us to be inside the gates of ICC buffed up and ready to pull trash. Of course there will always be times where we must pug due to IRL issues and it may take a bit longer to get us in there due to this but I feel that this is a step in the right direction toward getting what we all want. Of course any input or questions that anyone has about this or any other subject feel free to ask me and I will be happy to help. :)



The Forums

Yasatsu, Jul 2, 10 7:21 PM.
Apparently, even though the guild message of the day says to make sure to check the Demonfracture forums no one does. If they do they do not actually check the page and look at the bottom for any recent activity and read those that may apply to them. So I shall post what I said in the "Raid" forum here. It has been brought to my attention that we as a guild are lacking in the raid achievement area and I would like to know if there are more than just a few who would like to find time to rectify this? Please feel free to send me an in game mail or respond to my post on this same subject under the raiding area in the actual forums.



So we can all be on the same page...

Feyne*, May 16, 10 3:27 PM.
From the beginning, this guild was created to have a very relaxed atmosphere. The first thing Evan has said to people joining us on our vent as been, “If you are easily offended, fuck you!” We joke about many things that some people WILL find offensive.

Now, we DO NOT tolerate disrespect in this guild. By that, we mean directly insulting a person or being very offensive on purpose and in a non-joking manner in order to bother someone. If this happens, please bring it to the officers and we will deal with it. Otherwise, people will possibly say things, not directed at you, that you might find offensive. Given the spirit in which Evan founded this guild, that is something that you need to deal with. This means ignoring it, changing the subject, or even leaving the conversation if you cannot tolerate it.

If you are someone that is sensitive or knows that you are going to be deeply offended by non-PC discussions, then this guild is probably not a good fit for you. That’s okay. Everyone has different tolerances and there are no hard feelings if this isn’t the right group for you. But, if you choose to stay, understand that these comments and conversations are going to happen. This is not the place to educate someone if you disagree with their political, religious, or world views. In fact, political and religious discussion just need not happen.

We are here to have fun and play a game. The environment is one where we make crude jokes, we curse, we joke around pretty roughly with each other. If this isn’t something that you want to be a part of, we understand. But also understand that, by choosing to stay in the guild, this is what you sign up for.

ICC Pwnage

Feyne*, Apr 17, 10 11:54 PM.
The Saturday night raid has successfully, after many attempts, downed Rotface. We also managed to get the On A Boat achievement as well. Overall, it was a very productive night. Great work, raiders!
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