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Guild Ranks

Guild Rankings

1.GuildMaster of, D!E
2.High Commander of, D!E
3.Commander of, D!E
4.Sergeant of,D!E
5.Veteran Member of, D!E
6.Member of, D!E
7.New Recruit of, D!E

Sergeant to High Commander/Commander:
To be a High Commander, Guild master will have to pick who is the best for the job, and if he picked someone you will have to get a 90% vote from Veteran Members! High commanders will be doing allot of work to make D!E better and stronger so this will be a hard job! All Sergeants, Veteran members and Members must listen to there orders and commands. Offcourse, High commanders and Commanders have a vote to pick who will be a Veteran member!

Veteran Member to Sergeant Member:
To become a Sergeant Member within the guild you must be a high lvl , show respect for other members also be within the guild for a long period of time. To be voted as a Sergeant you must get votes of High Commanders/Commanders.

Member to Veteran Member :
For a member to become a Veteran Member of D!E they will need to be voted in by the Veteran Members if u get 75% that voted YES u will be recruited as a Veteran Member!
Veteran Members cant give out no information on the votes, who voted yes/no or any other information that is meant to stay in the
Veteran, if they do they will get down ranked to Members!

New Recruit To Member :
To get recruited into D!E Members they will have to Be a New Recruit for around 2-4 weeks if The Guild can trust him and respect him! He will have a chance to get voted into Members!

New Recruits:
To Become a New Recruit the Guild Master will have to talk to the New Recruit about the guild and explain our rules, Also if anyone in the Guild that wants to recruit his friend they will be recruit as a new recruit.

Guild Merge :
When guilds merge with D!E The Guild master of,D!E will have to put there Guild master as a high Commander/Commander/Veteran member depends on his skills, Guild controll,people skills,also knows how to deal with things that need to be done!
When they have merged into D!E and settle down, Veteran members will vote some of the New Members of the new guild in If they get 75% yes than they will get recruit into Veteran members of, D!E !

Future of Darkness Is Everywhere:

We have many core members in Darkness is Everywhere this guild isn’t based on just a one game guild, this guild is based with friendship that’s why we keep on going and enjoying ourselves over all different online games. When World of Warcraft is over we are looking to join other online games like Darkfalls and Warhammer online. These games will be enjoyable like all of our other online gaming experience.

How Darkness Is Everywhere is run:

We don’t want members who are deadweight, everyone within the guild must at least be willing to join us in Guild Events that show friendship and loyalty. We don’t want Members who just shit talk all the time in Guild Chat, it shows no respect for other members and it really shows the Guild how immature the member is. Also no shit talking in general public chat rooms it puts the guild name down and also makes you look like an idiot.


Our homepage is very important for the guild to keep things running smooth. We need all members to sign-up. They must check it at least 3-5 times a week.

Members must look-out for:

  1. The Main Homepage: updated News, Raiding times and Events
  2. Guild Statements Page: setup for Guild rules and Guild knowledge.
  3. Attendance Page is setup for when we do raids or Guild Events it will show how many Guild Members we had online at the set-time.
  4. Calendar Page: this page is used for organizing set-times for raiding and guild meetings (mostly used when dkps will be used in raids).
  5. Forums: members must try and read up on our forums. We need to start getting the entire tradesman to write down what they can make and post it on our forum page under World Of Warcraft. Also post any ideas you may have about general information within the guild.


Raiding is all about fun and enjoying ourselves as a Guild. We must make sure everyone is listening to the raid leaders. We have set times for raiding. To check for raiding times look for the message of the day in Guild chat, also check on the webpage under events. DO NOT SPAM the guild chat over and over again “when is our next raid on” etc. Members should already know about what’s going on the information is the front of you. For a Member to raid you must have CT_RAID and Vent, it is a must for things to go smooth within the raid which in turn makes things easier for the raid commanders. Members must understand what the commanders are doing. If we need to wait for something just wait, there is no need to start going on about it. Be patient the commanders are trying their best to keep everyone happy, it doesn’t help when members start bitching.


Recruiting is very important in Darkness is Everywhere, we are very picky about recruiting. We don’t want to just recruit random members into Darkness is Everywhere , this guild is about friendship. We don’t look at members as numbers, we look at them as friends and that is what our guild has always been set too. If a friend or family member wants to join Darkness is Everywhere then he/she may join, but they must also respect each other within the guild. If it turns out they do not show or display respect to everyone then they will be removed permanently from this guild.If a New Member joins the guild they must at less checkout our webpage and get to know a bit more about the guild.

Friends using your account

If friends are using your account make sure they do not abuse any other member or make the guild look like fools. They must act as if you were the one playing and obey these agreed rules.

Class leaders

Take the job seriously through reading up information on the upcoming fights. Class Leaders have to have a microphone for vent. If Members need advice about your class just ask a class leader. Class leaders will be helping out in raids. With Class Leaders this will help the Guild by leveling, doing set quests, setting up gear, helping with advice on what to spec, and etc.

 Class Leaders:

Hunter = Notatus

Paladin = Rehtomdnarg (grandmother)

Rogue =  Ceddia / aegro

Warlock = Grubb

Mage = Veselian / Ansel

Druid =  Fanggor / Shadowdruid

Priest = Fisker

Warrior = Garth

Shammy = N/A

Guild Bank

Name : Bankguild

Guild bank is a very good thing for the guild. Bankguild can help out with many different things. First of all it can help the Guild pay for potions and items for raid. This helps us with the members repair bill so they wont have to buy many potions for the raid. Bankguild can help with members pay for there re-spec to help the Guild Raids. We May hand out loans to Guild Members just depends on the deed.

Dark Alliance Guild

Our Leveling guild and alt guild is going very well. Dark Alliance is run by our Guild Masters, so we have full control over it. By joining this guild Players must still be respectful to others. This isn’t just a muck around guild. Darkness is Everywhere is training members to join so they must still obey. This is a great idea for the both guilds to keep our SPAM down in guild chat.

Darkness is Everywhere Rules:

» Everything evolves around rules, and the Darkness is Everywhere is no different. Those who break the following rules will firstly receive a warning and if they still don't get the hint they will receive their final warning. If the member still decides to not cooperate then he/she will be permanently banned from the Darkness is Everywhere.(This outline of consequences is likely to change depending on the severity of the deed.)


1.We do a LARGE number of guild meetings and they take place all the time. You are expected to take place in as many of them as possible. all the time. You are

2. Correspondingly, giving away guild information (including member lists, emails addresses, sensitive information or guild plans) is a serious offense. Results could be expulsion and death

3. We are a TEAM of FRIENDS. Backing up your guild mates is expected because they will do the same for you.

4. If you resign from the guild not stating why you resigned, You will not come back into D!E.

5. Deadweight is not needed in the guild. Failure to participate in any way will result in your removal from the guild!

6. Don't disobey orders from high Ranking Members.

7. Never Scam people

8. Uniform must be worn

9. If you have an issue with someone, take it up with guild master instead of unnecessary inner-guild disputes.

10. If your not going to be on the internet for over 5-6 days tell a GM/HC/C , If he isn’t online tell someone in D!E, than they will tell the GM.(So we know where you are and what you are doing)

11. There is no I in D!E, Always help each other out at all times!

It is not advised that these rules are ignored as serious consequences will arise if you are caught doing any of the above. By being in Darkness is Everywhere, you have agreed not to engage any of the above activities. THANK YOU!

WoW Raids
Ok guys im seeing members still without mods when we raid, ill list below mods you NEED for raiding with D!E.

1. KLHThreatMeter - Shows your generated threat compared to raid members.

2. CTRaid - Shows all raid groups, also used for raid warnings etc.

3. DeadlyBossMod - Give you information on-screen such as warnings/timers that otherwise would make boss fights much more difficult.

4. Decursive 2.0 - If your a dispelling class, this is what you need. Lets you decurse without needing to target the effected player.

All these mods need to be installed and working when you come on a raid. Ventrilo also must be installed and working.
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