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Affiliated Kinships
Here is a list of our Affiliated Organizations and their main Representatives.  The reps are set by the organizations leaders/officers.

Rhovanion Foreign Legion - Vafe and Gyzaerwulf

There Is No Fifth Star - Kitca and Mora

Ayu's group

The Exploration Society - Treylion

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Welcome to the CoWL website!

Now ON DC Universe Online Check vent for details on 1-11-11 and on or check the forums!!!

Coalition of the Western Lands is a server-wide raid alliance on Meneldor. We are not a LOTRO Kinship, but instead an organization of players brought together solely for the purpose of raiding. This provides a unique opportunity for players in smaller kinships or those seeking additional raids using one of their alts. 

Kinships/Raid leaders wanted
We are looking for players that have the desire to organize and host their own raids.  Previous experience as a raid leader is not a requirement. You just need to be comfortable with communicating raid strategies in voice chat. We can help minimize the learning curve by sharing our DN raid strategies with you. If you feel you possess the patience and aptitude necessary to take on this challenge, we would like to speak with you.

Ideally, what we are looking for is a kinship with a solid core of players, that want to run their own raids, but are unable to field an entire 12 man raid force. We can offer a potential opportunity for your kin to host raids through our website and the alliance members can help fill out the event.

Please create a post on our general forums, or contact Gyzaerwulf (Jessilayn) or Derazan(Vafethalion) in game if you are interested in a potential partnership.
Alliance News Update

Epic Week for Both BG grps

Haliondor, May 26, 10 11:44 AM.
Thrusday (RFL) grp Downs Durchest on HM for first time and Twins on EZ mode, Tuesday (Ayu) grp Downs Both on HM. I'd like to thank everyone involved for makeing this our best raiding week ever.

CoWL raid topples Durchest and Twins on Hard Mode

Vafe, May 7, 10 12:18 AM.
Grats to the Tuesday night crew for a very successful run in BG on 05-04-10.  Both Durchest and Twins downed on Hard Mode. 

Thursday night is anow attempting hard mode from now on for Durchest, and we'll attempt twins hard mode the next time we're doing that part.



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