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therealMurzim (SuperAdmin) 1/3/2010 10:14 AM EST : Please use the instructions and template from this th...

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General instructions:

Please follow the template below for posting a new application. This makes it easier for us to review it and make a quick decision. Fancy applications that do not follow our template (or copy/pasted ones with wrong information) score no points!

Read more information about Caedes here.

1. Requirements

You need to meet these requirments to be considered for an invite to the guild.

Personal Requirements

 Age:  Be atleast 16 years or older
 Language:  Fluent at communicating in English
 Attitude:  Be nice to fellow Guild members and follow Guild Rules!
 ICC Raid Experience
 8/12 experience, the more the better (6/12 absolute min!!)


 - Able to log into Teamspeak and listen!!
 - Available for all 25 man raids (2 a week), or show up and raid with us consistently (high attendance)
 - Read and agree to our raiding guidelines here

Character Requirements

Your character must meet following requirements

 Main char:    
 Alt char:

Techno & Wow Requirements

 Voice Communication: 
 Have and use Teamspeak 3 for all raids
 WoW addons req.:


 - Deadly Boss Mods!!! (Must have!)
 - Threat Meter (Omen, ...)
 - Decursive (if applicable)
 - Recount (personal use)
 Stable internet connection!

2. Application Template

Post/topic name:
<Character Name> - <Class> - <Spec> - <Current server>
Example: Woly - Druid - Resto - Zenedar
---------------------------------CUT HERE----------------------------------------------------------------------

Application Itself

Personal Info:


Character Info


Main Specc: <Explain why you took this specc as main>
& Off Specc:

Armory Link: <Paste a working! link to armory here>

How long have you been playing this character?

Raiding experience

<Describe any raiding experience you may have, either on this character or on others. An ICC 8/12 experience is preffered>

Why would you like to join us?
<No need for long paragraphs, be specific and to the point. Something along the lines of "To get epix!" works but might not  necessarily lead to acceptance.>

Why would we take you?
<No need for long paragraphs, be specific and to the point>

Raiding schedule:
<When exactly (times and days) will you be available for raids? We expect you to attend 2-3 raids a week with us. You will go through a two (2) week trial period where you will be judged on attendance and raid performance. We raid Wednesday, Thursday, Sundays from 20.15 to 23.00. We may also have additional raids if enough people are up for it, but they will most probably be not related to our main/progress raid instances.>

Anything else you would like to add?
<Add it here!>
---------------------------------CUT HERE----------------------------------------------------------------------

Good luck!

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