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WE MOVED TO AGAMAGGAN ! and joined with the guild FUSE !

Erryenne, Feb 16, 10 7:48 AM.
WE MOVED TO AGAMAGGAN ! and joined with the guild FUSE !

If you've noticed a few changes recently, the empty guild bank, the lack of raids on calendar, the missing GM, tanks, raidleaders and members... this is probably the reason why.

If you love us transfer your character to Agamaggan realm and /whisper me (Errienne), Mistymo (Melite) or Threeve (Rambam) or even chat with a couple of our new guildies Effeff and Rei.

Hola/Adios Amigos! see u soon :D


StrontiumDog back from thailand! (sunburned/sprained ankle/hungover/jetlagged but DISEASE FREE :)

JhonnyAlpha, Feb 15, 10 8:35 PM.

ICC 10 cleared

lnfinity, Dec 27, 09 4:51 PM.
Cleared the ICC10 content that is now online :D
Very nice work since it was only the second guild run there.
And gratz to all of you who got loot from ICC :)

As you can see our guild is growing fast.. so we're also setting up a second 10m raid grp and a 25m raid grp :)

New website

lnfinity, Dec 21, 09 8:57 AM.
The new website is online now! :)

You can sign up for raids on the forum from now on.
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