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"They had shared a common struggle on that long road, and become as close to friends as men of ill repute could be.  They were indeed of the worst sort, murderers and thieves, criminals of a nefarious ilk.  Even so they swore a pact, that each would look out for the other, that never again would they be laid low by chains, that together they would be unconquerable."
    Excerpt from the journal of an unknown writer 

        Invictus was born when a prison riot broke out in the city of Tindrem, many criminals used it as a chance to escape.  Though some split off when their escape was made good, a small group banded to together to increase their chances of not getting caught.  Their road to freedom was not easy, they had battled through the riots and the city gaurd to escape Tindrem.  Once free, they knew that they would be hunted, so they stayed together.  Eventually over time a bond was forged and they swore a blood pact.  They agreed upon three things. One that they would swear loyalty to each other and no one else. Two that they die before they were ever returned to chains.  And three, that they would spread terror through Nave, living like Kings off the suffering of others.  Amongst them emerged three clear leaders, Malakai a mad man and murderer without conscience, but with an clever intelligence.  Tirik a quiet and consummate warrior, who was unmatched on the field of battle.  And Devnion Liderc a handsome but flippant sort of man who showed a gift for the arcane.

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Do and Don'ts

DO PvP any style you like, at no point will Invictus restrict your play style.

DO cause terror, we are a group of Bandits and Criminals feel free to ruin other people's days.

DO help out each other, there is loyalty even amongst thieves.

DO attack anyone you like, so long as they are not a member of our guild or an allied guild.

DO NOT restrict other peoples gameplay, we do not recognize the terms pker, greifer or ganker and neither should you.

DO NOT ever cry about losing in combat, go get some buddies and get revenge.
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