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Maow (Member) 12/10/2011 6:14 AM EST : EQ2 REFORGING GUIDES

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Ask a Guard for "Reforging" or the name of the reforging NPC in Freeport, or
Qeynos, or copy the following locations and make note of them for future reference.


Trothak in Armor by Ikthar found in North Freeport at loc -129, -38, -2

Jernilar in The Harbor Exchange in East Freeport at loc 259, -55, 89

Fonda in West Freeport near the Commonlands exit..right behind Boomba's Market at loc 280, -3, -100


Rorak Ironbellows near the Call to Arms in North Qeynos at loc 399, -21, -180

Mystrekai in The Tin Soldier in South Qeynos at loc 557, -17, 264

Litheon McElhannon in The Hall of Steel at Qeynos Harbor at loc 670, -20, 14


These links have information about reforging that you will need to know
to help you get started.  
There is a lot of information here, so read up before you get there.

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