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Welcome To The Amazing 90s Clan Were we Play Runescape The most Amazing game On the Internet Played By Millions Of Players Daily This Clan in Particular Is Exclusive And Special because we like to have One Major Thing Many People Like to have but dont have enough of it And its Called FUN a 3 letter Word People And in this Game With This Clan We can have Fun! So Join Us Today And Find Out All The Awesome Funess! You Can Possibly Have!!!!! Lets Have Fun (in Bed If you want to but not now).

Recruit People For The Clan 90+

xenergyboltx, Dec 30, 09 3:41 PM.
1. If You know Them they can be 85+
2. You must be in The Clan Chat At All Times unless your in another clan that you must have contacted me at the approval of your acceptence and you have to give me a time period when your on you can be in the clan chat 3 times your not in it and your online without a reason your suspended from the clan for 1 day.
3. Any Childish Sayings Cussing Or obnoxious behavior Will result in Suspension Ban or Mute From The Clan Be Wise.
4. Remember its just a Damn Game dont fight be nice and have fun!
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