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May 14, 10 12:55 PM
making guild in Evo
Mar 10, 10 2:29 PM
We now have all available maps
Mar 4, 10 5:52 AM
Maps for making things easier to find
Jan 21, 10 1:34 PM
Contest Ideas
Jan 1, 10 11:21 AM
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Welcome to Forsaken.Soldiers!

     I just wanted to say hello to name is John and welcome to YOUR guild.....I may be your guild leader...but let me tell you that it is just by name sake...   Forsaken.Soldiers belongs to me and to you....   I hope you have an enjoyable stay while here....   I Will listen to your input from not only our guild officers....but even to the newest member who is just added to our roster.....

     Please feel free to add yourself to our guild page....   View the many pages of information....   I wish you the best in your hunts and have fun....

     Just to let everyone know "Death Knights" is an allied if you are on and see a fellow them as much as u would help your fellow guildmates.

    If you have someone in mind that you would like to join our guild....make sure he can confide in these simple rules

----First and by farmost...ENJOY playing the game....

----We are implementing some restrictions...18 yrs old/Maturity dependent...please speak/write English, if I can't understand you, neither can others....and there is going to be a 15 day probationary period once membership is established.( to see if guild will fit you and you will fit guild..dont get upset), once your 15 day probations period has completed...inform an officer, one of us will administer a test and a vote will be placed to see if everyone and not only myself will like for you to join.
   The test being administered shall consist of In-Party usefullness, Solo playing, PVP contest, party playing in the GRB.

----Look in Guild...see who is on...Play with them.(You both benefit)..

----You must play the game....this is not a PLVLing only guild(NO PLVLS FOR PROBATIONARY PERIOD>>>DON'T ASK YOU WILL BE KICKED)...thsi does not mean that a probationary guild member has to say NO if someone would like to help him; GRB toons are Exempt from this rule, as such GRB toons are Rank 8...We will know if you wanted a new toon PLVL...So dont try it..

----Do not beg for a PLVL....they are given as such..We will be getting guild together for special events, keep up with postings on News and Calendar

----You must turn in at least 10/20 Etins a month.....failure to do so will loose a guild ranking for that month...if your Rank in Guild is LVL 9 and do not turn in Etins....your characters will be deleted from guild

    These are very simple rules, they are put in place not only from me but also from Officers who have been in prior guilds who have had these problems..this is why we made OUR Guild, rules may be updated, changed, modified, or removed at any time for any reason.

   New update....I will be handing over the Guild Leader position for the original Shaiya to Morgain....I will still b a officer and u will still seee me especially on Saturday...We will use this one website to b the Homebase for OS (Original Shaiya) and Evo (Shaiya Evolution)...If you choose to play both games let us know...we will help you download it and set it up and help power level your toons so we can get FS up and going on Evo...I will be the Guild Leader on Evo...if u have any questions on this let us know so we can clarify or help u on this matter....thanks



Abyssal_Widow, May 14, 10 12:55 PM.
Dear forsaken. I am back on teos and no one is here. Jhon has spoken to me. I am leavig Its not my responsablility to take care oif someone else. guild. I am sorry good bye. Also It was Jhons responsibilkity to emial me during my sick ness. This si good bye if u wish to contact us please pm Have a lovely day Orpheliac

making guild in Evo

Sub_John_HM, Mar 10, 10 2:29 PM.
for everyone who chooses to join me on Evo...I would like to have everyone in gliter on march 20th so we can have everyone partied up to make our guild...i would like everyone on Evo after GRB on we can see who is going help start it up.....thank you.


We now have all available maps

RDR023, Mar 4, 10 5:52 AM.
Hey guys just added the maps for Ruber Chaos which explains the portals and D1, D2 for 31-60 pvp.  At this point there are no maps for Cripticone Throne or Sky City available but when they do become available I will add those also.


Maps for making things easier to find

RDR023, Jan 21, 10 1:34 PM.
Hey all this is Morg for any of you that is interested I have uploaded some of the dungeon/maze maps on here.  You will find GRB, AR, Rapioru Maze, KH, AN 1&2, FL1,2,&3. I will soon have copies of AUR, 31-60 pvp Dungeons and hopefully Cripticone Throne.  The numbers on the maps are the lvls you need to be for the room to be purple. Some of the maps that have multiple lvl Mobs in one room will tell you what mobs are in them and the lvl for those mobs to be purple. You will also notice that the rooms that drop Dreads are clearly marked to make it easier for you to find them to farm.  Hope these help you guys.  If you have any questions about the maps feel free to ask me or Hubby.


Contest Ideas

Sub_John_HM, Jan 1, 10 11:21 AM.
Item Hunts--Searching for items throughout the week starting after GRB when previous weeks items turned in...prizes awarded...and new items to be found for next week are to be announced....

PVP in guild only--- I would liek to add in addition...a in-Guild PVP....the characters for the pvp are your guild related characters only....we will do One-on-One....Tag Teams...and even a special surprise....u will find out then

Mystery Kidnap...oh no someone has been snatched up by your Guild is going to happen after every GRB....Map 1??? Map 2??? well we will just have to see where they may go....Prizes awarded form guild funds after being found....

Funeral Event....You have a Chatacter you want to go out in style???   Let us know...we will give him a Funeral fit for any good soldier....DEATH BY GUILDIES!!!

Special Events/Holidays...Still open for any ideas...but will vary depending on special event/holiday/birthday/aniversary....let us know

Let me know your ideas on this ...John
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