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Jul 13, 10 10:51 AM
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Other Guild News


DemonOfNight, Jul 13, 10 10:51 AM.
11. Guild Information
a. Guild Reputation
- Guild Experience has been done away with and replaced with Reputation. Reputation is earned on a per-character basis within the Guild; rewards will be unlocked similarly to how current Reputations work (see Guild Achievements below)

b. Guild Perks
- Guild talent system has been done away with in favor of the 'perk' system: Guilds will be able to advance 25 levels, and for each level attained, a new perk will be unlocked - it is unknown whether these perks will be similar to those thought of for the talent system ("Penny Pincher" - reduced repair costs; Mass Resurrection; "Everybody's Friend" - removes reagent cost for raid-wide buffs; "Cash Flow" - increases gold drop rate from creatures/players that give experience/honor; "Raid Summon" - summon the entire raid instantly)
- Guild Experience can be earned through slaying dungeon/raid bosses, winning rated BGs, completing quests, or through Guild Achievements

c. Guild Achievements
- Guild Achievements will take the place of the Guild Currency system.
- Achievements can be unlocked for a variety of things, but will not work retroactively
- Once an Achievement has been unlocked, the reward associated with that Achievement can be purchased by anyone in the Guild using their own gold, once their Guild Reputation is high enough
- Such rewards will include a Guild Mount, complete with its own tabard
- To unlock Guild Raid Achievements, either 7 out of 10 or 20 out of 25 members of the raid have to belong to the Guild

d. Guild Professions (thanks to Herbslayer for explaining how this all likely fits together!)
- It seems that Guilds will be able to work on and unlock Achievements. While working towards unlocking they will also be building rep within the Guild. Unlocking Achievements will unlock rewards for the Guild, rewards individual members will be able to purchase once their Reputation is high enough
- Members will be able to share any purchased profession plan with the rest of the guild via a vendor and skill trainer. Guilds are also able to create guild heirlooms; these items bind to the guild so that anyone in the guild will be able to acquire them. Just like the normal heirloom items, guild heirloom items will also scale with level and will support all armor and weapons.
- Guild members will also be able to take advantage of being able to create guild-specific versions of items that require fewer or different reagents. The new reagents are purchased from guild vendors, and there will be support for all professions.
- Heirloom items for the guild are expected to encompass every slot.

e. New Guild Features
- Guilds will receive a special guild news-feed that will show them updates on happenings within the guild such as achievements, boss kills, etc. Guilds will also have access to profession info for their members and more. In addition to these features, guilds will also be able to acquire a percentage of gold looted on boss kills that will go directly to the guild bank. Additionally, guilds will be able to invite other guilds to events.
- Guild Tax System - will be available so that a certain portion of the gold looted by every member will go into the Guild Bank

f. Other
- New Guild Achievements
- New Looking for Guild interface similar in ease-of-use and utility to the Looking for Group interface

12. UI Changes
- Level-Up visual will now include your new level, if you have any new talent points to use, any new abilities you've gained, and what features your level might have unlocked.
- Spellbook - now will show all spells and what levels they can be learned at
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