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The All Mighty 


Would like to introduce The All Mighty....


Visit our TAM Forum Thread


 We are part of The U-N-I-T-Y Branches


We strive in the effort of friends staying United and doing what we do best.. in which is makin the Home Community the best, Funnest, and everlasting experience there is.


 a group of respected people in the Playstation Home Community
whom enjoy to have fun by gaming, get together and much more,
we love to make Home a fun experience



UNITY Main Forum Thread


What this club will bring: 
This is
a friendly environment, and a huge community of new friends, everyone will get to know others thru this. We have and help plan events based on what is available out there in the Home Community and we definitely help one another reach our goals in the PS3 Gaming experience.

The Friend Chain Structure: 

Invite all the club members from the TAM club, is a need to keep checking new members joining as well as those leaving so u can add or remove if needs, but if u have all those in list, it will help the Friend Chain structure, as you are active in our UNITY Group you will meet other members from the other clubs, if you wish you will add those and in that way fer example you are in an event those with you will be able to get everyone in the UNITY group of friends  because everyone in the Structure will be following doing the same. If any questions please get with me in game I'll be very happy to explain.

Communication amongst  Friends & Club Members: 

Well with the Friend Chain in place we should be able to have communication amongst one another in club, but as you get to participate in our group events you’re able to make friends from our UNITY Group, also posting on this forum is a great way to get them to notice ya as well as being active in the Chat Room in which we have fer those in UNITY. If you haven't got invited to the Chat Room please let me know so I can get you in.

To Apply just send me an ingame message to
Y2David or PinoyRiot
or hit reply and post it here with the answers
and explain the reasons fer wanting to join The All Mighty.


Click on Join/Register this Website and answer the following questions

  • Tell us about Yourself
  • Your availability of hours that you are on the system
  • What can you bring to the environment in relation as helping other gamer
  • What Online/Multiplayer Games do you Own 
  • You shall receive an ingame message from me in regard to membership to the Club




    KoH/QoH Welcome Home Challenge Event

    Y2David, Jun 5, 11 4:22 PM.

    KoH/QoH Welcome Home Challenge Event
    This is a one week only challenge where crown holders will win prizes, this is to promote the event as well as the return of the PS Store, it will end on Saturday June 11 at 7pm pst..

    note: new or defending crown holders must be able to retain
    their crowns till stated deadline in order to win prize

    (click on picture link to read guidelines & regulations)


    Killzone 3 Event for PlayStation Home & Multiplayer Beta Coming to PSN Feb 2nd

    Y2David, Jan 21, 11 7:37 PM.
    See how Sony is using PlayStation Home to promote Killzone 3 in unique ways.

    Bring'em down.

    read more on it by CLICKING HERE

    Killzone 3 Multiplayer Open Beta Coming to PSN on February 2nd

    Killzone 3 multiplayer open beta

    Hello PlayStation Nation! Killzone 3 launch is now just 30 short days away, but for those of you who just can’t stand to wait any longer, we’ve got some good news: The Killzone 3 Multiplayer Open Beta will be available for download on the PlayStation Network on Wednesday, February 2nd.

    This Open Beta will be available for free to all North American PS3 users and will run from Feb 2nd-14th, giving you the perfect chance to get hands-on with Killzone 3′s brutal online warfare and try out the revamped precision controls. You will also have the option to play using the PlayStation Move and stereoscopic 3D.

    The Open Beta will offers exclusive early access to the MP05 ‘Frozen Dam’ multiplayer level from Killzone 3, including all three online multiplayer modes: Guerrilla Warfare, Warzone and Operations, along with the offline multiplayer mode, Botzone.

    “Frozen Dam” is a sprawling asymmetrical map set in an old dam facility, the playing field in MP05 has been carefully tailored to fit each of the multiplayer modes. Here are the four multiplayer modes included with the Open Beta:

    Killzone 3 multiplayer open beta

    Guerrilla Warfare (16 players)
    Guerrilla Warfare is a standalone multiplayer mode similar to classic Team Deathmatch: You and your teammates must try to kill as many of the opposing team as you can before the timer runs out. In this mode, only the downstream monitor houses and repair bay are accessible, giving the map a very frantic pace.

    Warzone (24 players)
    If you’ve played Killzone 2, you may already be familiar with Warzone. It’s a round-based multiplayer campaign that consists of five randomly ordered mini-missions. In this mode, the power house and penstocks directly under the dam are accessible as well, so there’s more room to come up with different strategies and approaches to your goal.

    Operations (16 players)
    Operations is a new multiplayer campaign which aims to deliver a more cinematic, story-based gameplay experience, similar to that of Killzone 3′s single-player mode. It consists of a sequence of linear mini-missions, in which the ISA must try to secure the docks and destroy the dam, while the Helghast must try to protect the dam facility.

    Botzone (one player and up to 15 bots)
    Botzone is an offline multiplayer mode ideal for those looking to get to grips with the controls, the weapons or the map layout before going up against live players. Each of the aforementioned multiplayer modes can be played offline, against CPU-controlled opponents.

    And of course, the open beta is just a taste of what you’ll get in Killzone 3′s multiplayer experience. For more details on Killzone 3′s multiplayer maps, check out the full briefing on

    We’ll unveil more details on the Killzone 3 Multiplayer Open Beta soon (along with some other surprises). So stay tuned!

    Two New Games Come to PlayStation Home – Conspiracy & Slap Happy Sam

    Y2David, Jan 21, 11 7:36 PM.


    GlassWalls's Avatar

    Two New Games Come to PlayStation Home – Conspiracy & Slap Happy Sam

    Posted by GlassWalls // Home Community Specialist

    Two brand new games are coming to PlayStation Home this Thursday, January 20th. First up is ConspiracyJet Set Games’ action-packed espionage game where you and your friends form alliances and raid enemy facilities, engaging in firefights with guards while subverting high-tech security systems and stealing bits of intelligence that have been locked in hidden and well-guarded locations. Unlock bonus items and abilities through in-game rewards and purchasable upgrades while earning points for your faction and increasing your standing on the leaderboards. Avoid detection or crush the competition with sledgehammer-like force – all in your quest to uncover the secrets of Conspiracy.

    If you need to take out a little frustration (or just want to smack somebody for the heck of it) then Slap Happy Sam is the game for you. Available this Thursday in the ever-evolving world of PlayStation Home, Slap Happy Sam is a multiplayer slap-a-thon from the critically-acclaimed development team known as The Odd Gentlemen. Check out the video for a look at Slap Happy Sam, and then head into PlayStation Home first thing tomorrow, because it’s time to take the gloves off!

    An addition to our line of pet “active items” the new Robotic Canine trots into Home (and your hearts) this week. Pick yours up from the PlayStation Home Mall this Thursday for only $2.49!

    Lockwood Publishing updates the Sodium store this week with new clothing items – including folded sneakers, stylish jeans, and shirts.

    PlayStation Home: Lockwood Jeans

    PlayStation Home: Lockwood Folded SneakersPlayStation Home: Lockwood Small Shirt Jeans Sneakers

    PlayStation Home: Lockwood Small Shirt Jeans SneakersPlayStation Home: Lockwood Small Shirt Jeans Sneakers

    The PlayStation Home Community Theater updates tomorrow with the latest episode of the HipHopGamer videocast. This week, HHG interviews Hermen Hulst, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Guerrilla Games, the developers behind the highly-anticipated Killzone 3.

    Speaking of which, we’re pleased to announce the newest addition to the Community Theater –LittleBigPodcast! Founders Austin and Daniel are two of the biggest fans of this hit game franchise, having shot over 100 LBP-themed videos, and we’re proud to have them share their excitement for all things LittleBigPlanet-related in PlayStation Home. Stay tuned for details regarding their premiere episode, coming soon to the Community Theater.

    Finally, for those of you that purchased the recently-released PlayStation Home Mansion, here is a sneak peek of the upcoming Infinity Pool addition to this epic estate. More details (including release date) will be posted soon.

    PlayStation Home: Mansion 01


    See you in Home!

    This Week in PlayStation Home: Treehouse Personal Space, Community Theater Update & More!

    Y2David, Jan 13, 11 8:30 AM.

    This Week in PlayStation Home: Treehouse Personal Space, Community Theater Update & More!

    Posted by Locust_Star // PlayStation Home Community Manager

    This Thursday, January 13th, we’ll see yet another addition to the long line of PlayStation Home personal spaces. The Treehouse, a fantastical estate perched high above a spectacular landscape, offers gorgeous vistas surrounding a truly zen-like setting. Check out the pics below for a peek of what to expect from this dazzling new personal space.

    Home Treehouse Home Treehouse2,jpg

    After you pick up your new Treehouse, be sure to head over to the Exclusives store to pick up the new Solitaire game, available in 5 different designs.

    Home Solitaire_04

    Also available this week from the PlayStation Home Mall: Military uniforms for the guys and gals as well as new hairstyles and accessories for both sexes courtesy of our friends over at Lockwood.

    Home Lockwood2Home Lockwood1

    Home Costumes 4Home Costumes1

    Home Costumes 2Home Costumes3

    The PlayStation Home Community Theater receives a massive update this week. To start, HomeCast Rewind airs a new video where the staff takes a look at the new Mansion personal space, the recently-released Xi Museum, and the Lockwood Gift Machine, while also giving a run-down of December’s Top 5 items.

    Hip Hop Gamer returns with a new episode of the HHG show focusing on the upcoming LittleBigPlanet 2, including Alex Evans and John Beech from Media Molecule, while the most recent episode of Replay with Doc features Mo Chocolate from The Tester 2.

    If you head over the PlayStation Store you can become a true PlayStation Home real estate mogul with the new Estates Pack. Purchase this pack and receive 10 different personal spaces including: the Post Apocalypse Apartment, Planetland, Villain’s Lair, the Paris Clocktower, Anime Syle, Santorini Greece, Wizard’s Den, the Playground Apartment, Pharoah’s Tomb, and the Luxury Racing Box. It’s a $47.90 value, now available for $19.99 with this exclusive bundle!

    Last but certainly not least, Konami is inviting all of you Castlevania: Lords of Shadow fans out for a special event this weekend. To participate, simply show up to the Konami space in your Castlevania: Lords of Shadow gear and earn extra points for each item you wear.

    See you in Home!

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