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Weekly Raid Times ICC
Jan 20, 10 9:15 AM
Service Updates

<Axion> is a joint venture between my fiancé Tecla (In Game, Fendika) and Me Travis (In game Axisis)

The reason for “being” simply put is this:

We are too tired of having to abide large 25man and even 10man hard core guild raiding times, rules and attendance. We do enjoy a life outside of WOW and we both work fulltime so WOW & RL clash for us both.

Our aim is to put together a group of mature, relaxed, casual players who wish to peruse all aspects of WOW. 

Wow for us is not just raiding NEW end game content night after night. We enjoy doing old raids, working on fishing achievements, hero farming for those extra badges, slaving away for our law master achievements and loads of other miscellaneous things.

Ideally we would like to build a team of core 10man raiding members who wish to start raiding 10man WOTLK content each week. Attendance would be appreciated if you want in for this core group, but honestly it will not be the end of the world to me if for some reason someone could not attend due to whatever. We will just fill your sport from casuals in guild or trade.

If you have any questions or queries just message me though the forums or PST in game. See you in the world of Warcraft ^^ ***cough, cough lameo***



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Weekly Raid Times ICC

axisis, Jan 20, 10 9:15 AM.

I have had no real feedback in game or though the web site regarding weekly raids and times.

 I am going to put on the table 8 -11 PM ST, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. This allows for people to be home, feed, watered and ready after work/uni/school.

I will be moving members into “Core Raiders” rank soon and opening the guild to new recruits to suit what rolls we need to fill.

We are currently recruiting an AOE tank, ranged DPS and shammy/pally/priest heals for core raid spots.

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