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DarkExcalibur42 (Applicant) 8/21/2010 2:36 PM EST : Alliance Request: Exploration & Defense Fleet
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This is Captain Robert James Max, commanding officer of the USS Nightfall and executive officer of the Exploration & Defence Fleet.  I am contacting the Alpha Centauri Institute in hopes of forging some manner of Alliance.  I have had the privilege of working with several of your officers recently, and felt their work to be the best that Starfleet has to offer. 

We are a smaller fleet, having lost members early on in the war, but we are rebuilding slowly but surely.  Our fleet is lead by a number of solid, career officers who won't be giving up without a fight.  Honestly, in part we do enjoy being a smaller fleet as such, but we do see the need for allies and are not above asking for aid.  As such, on behalf of the EDF I am formally requesting admission to the AFCNET channel for purposes of joint fleet actions and operations.  There is much more that could be discussed regarding this request, however I am hesitant to do so over an open channel.   Regardless of the final decision on this application, please contact me so that this matter may be discussed further.  Thank you for your time. 

--- End Transmission ---

((OOC: Our fleet was founded by the five of us in the first couple days after launch.  We had a bit of a membership boom early on, which ended up in a sudden drop-off of (we assume) cancelled subs.  After a short hiatus, our officers are back and we've begun a sizable recruitment drive.  We're happy being a small fleet comparatively, but we do intend to continue recruiting until we have a solid and active membership.  All of our officers are strongly committed to this fleet, and as many of us are lifers we won't be going anywhere anytime soon.  Personally, my reason for seeking this application is solidarity.  The best way for RP-ers to thrive in STO is for as many of us to work together as possible, and cooperation w/ your organization seemed the best way to go about that. 

The EDF advertises as an RP/PvE Fleet for casual players, and as such we have few restrictions or requirements of our members (outside standard codes of conduct).  We do enjoy a focus on PvE, and will often use PvE missions/encounters as ways to RP our characters. 

I've hit just about all the points I can think of by now, but I'll gladly answer any additional questions.  I'll be sure to check back at this post from time to time, but the best way to contact me would be to send a /tell or e-mail in game to Max@DarkExcalibur.  I am very hopeful to hear back from you folks, so until then...))

Davin Felth (Associate) 8/21/2010 4:06 PM EST : RE: Alliance Request: Exploration & Defense Fleet
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Davin Felth
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To: Captain RJ Max, XO, Exploration & Defense Fleet
From: Dr D. Felth, Liason Officer, Alpha Centauri Institute

Greetings Captain
Allow me first to thank you for taking the time to reach out this brach to out organisation. In these dangerous times I think it is a wise decision to surround one's self with allies.

I am glad you have had the fortune to work alongside several of our officers as anything that fosters the spirit of inter-fleet cooperation is a worthwhile activity.

I see no real major concern over your request for an alliance however, as procedure dictates, I will refer this proposal along to our Admiralty and I hope to contact you in the near future in regards to a hopeful alliance between our two fleets.

In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me (Davin
Felth@ElMarto84) via our communication hub (forums) or via Subspace communications (in-game). Your friendship, and the friendship of your fleet, is a welcome beacon of light in what may otherwise be considered a dark time for Starfleet and I am sure that together we can bring illumination to the lives of our respective officers.

Dr Davin Felth
Chief Medical Officer
Fleet Liason Officer
Alpha Centauri Institute
Characters: John Drake Davin Felth

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