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Currently seeking at least one more tank (DK or druid) with a dps offspec.

Open to most classes for ranged dps. Speak to an officer or GM for more information. Most sought after at the moment are S-Priests, boomkins and hunters.
Low number of openings to all melee dps classes. Speak to an officer for more information.

In desperate need of tank healers. Seriously. Preferably some that aren't going to change their mind and become dps after a while. >.>
Also, a spot open to a shaman or priest healer. This spot as well as one tank healer spot will incur a gear and experience check.
Shinies Journey
Other Guild News

Hoshit, update.

Almyrra, Aug 24, 10 5:51 AM.
Dayummmmmmm, guys. It's been far too long since I put any kind of update on this site, and there is just so much that I need to say! I'm sorry for being slack, first and foremost - I'm going to try and keep the Shinies site as up to date as the in game members are, from now on. Second, I have to mention to any potential recruits skimming this page -

IGNORE the 'currently recruiting' segment on the front page of this site. It is inaccurate and in desperate need of updating.

(Edit: All fix'd ^^

Moving right along.

Let's begin the update with some achievements, shall we? Group one has been working very hard, as of late - not to say that group two hasn't, but:


Yeah.. working very hard indeed. I couldn't count how many times Gam's randomly piped up in a 25m and said 'HEY ZACH LET'S DO FULL HOUSE' these days.. It was so hard, yet so fun at the same time. Epic job guys. I couldn't be more proud. Group one is currently working on downing LK and getting into them heroics!

As far as the guild itself grows - we've expanded, we've lost members, we've changed as all guilds do. Yet again have we begun to run weekly ICC 25s, but this time they aren't for progression. It's purely for fun, and gearing up, and I emphasise on the fun. Between Zach's Meatwad voice and random healers jumping off the boat at the worst possible times during the gunship fight? There are many laughs to be had. These runs are on Wednesdays at 12:45 am, and once all guildies interested are in, are open to pugs.

As far as group two is concerned, I congratulate and wish the best of luck to Link, who's currently leading it! We haven't had the best of luck with this particular ICC 10m, but right now we have some members who are extremely dedicated to it and have every intention of seeing it flourish, quite possibly into a second progression group to rival our first.

As some of you may or may not have noticed, LST is currently under new (well.. technically old) management. As opposed to the typical Council system, composed of four council members who discuss all decisions, that we've run by since creation - LST is now being run by Shiina as the GM, and myself, Mina, as the Co-GM. We have equal rights and responsibilites, as was in the council, and discuss all decisions, but instead of being four big leaders, now there's just the two. Can't forget our lovely officers, either - Revy, Foxy, Kai, Zach, Adam, Dave, Duck (in no particular order of appearance) - you guys are amazing, and impress me on a constant basis on how much you all contribute to the guild. As a matter of fact that goes to all our members. You kids are pro. <3333

Ahem *cough* Moving right away from the sappy stuff. That's pretty much it for guild news. On a parting note, I'd like to welcome the newest Shinies that have joined our ranks - you've come at a great time, and I hope you enjoy it with us. :3

<3 Mina.

Site Cleanup

Shiina, Jun 17, 10 11:13 AM.
I'd like to inform all our members that the guild site has just had a massive cleanout recently. If you have registered for the site but have not included any 'Characters', a 'Handle', a 'Title' or an application you have been removed from the site as we have no way in the world of knowing who you are. If you're one of the lucky ducklings that's been removed for having an obscure username, we ask that you resign up and amend the required information. <3

In other news. The guild rules have been changed. Or rather, expanded and then squished down. Check them out because breaking them in game and not knowing something was a rule is not an excuse.

We're currently working on revamping the guild ranks so stay tuned. ^^


Since i feel we haven't gotten enough images in our posts lately, here is one.

25 Shinies. 12 bosses. One Citadel. Who will come out victorious?

Almyrra, Jun 9, 10 3:01 AM.
Hello again everyone; Dharin reporting in once more.

Excusing the amazingly lame title for this update (<3 to those that just went to look); but I am back yet again to announce that the Shinies have finally hit up Icecrown Citadel 25. We played with the first wing for a while, getting ourselves some gear - congrats to all of those that have won something to date - but just a few days ago we ventured out further, paying a visit to the lovely Aboms.

I am very proud to announce, that both Festergut and Rotface are down for the Shinies in ICC 25. We put in one attempt on Valithria too, but it was late, and our raid leader was unwell. It's only a matter of time before she's down (or in her case, up?) too, though.

Keep up the amazing work, everybody.
<3 Dhar.

Likes Shiny Things Has a New Address!

System, May 12, 10 8:09 AM.
Likes Shiny Things has been upgraded to include a custom domain, and can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!

Thank you for choosing GuildPortal as your guild''s home on the web!

Bye bye Sindy ^^

Almyrra, May 12, 10 7:07 AM.

:3 We win.
At Sindragosa killing.
and stuff.


Grats guysssss <3 Following the kill of this extremely annoying dragon, the Shinies one shotted every other boss that was left standing in the Citadel, before proceeding onward to see the Lich King.

Group composition consisted of:
Tanks - Kaigrin, Vesdarin
Healers - Dharin, Kelanan, Syllke
DPS - Coul, Nekki, Nerili, Refaux, Revysia

I say this every time we progress, but damn, am I proud of us all. Amazing job everybody. We've come this far, and it won't be long at all until we are doing heroic ICC.

Also, since I feel the need to shamelessly flaunt, I was surprised by -

Again, go team!

- Dhar
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