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Virtue, City of Heroes/Villains
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No bio has been entered for SisterSalvation yet.

Character Flags & Keys
No flags have been entered for this character.

Character Stats
Archetype: Defender G.Handle: @Dygital Punk
Origin: Magic SecLvl: 50 Empthy/Elec.

Awarded Medals: None

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Public Journal Entries
This character has no public journal entries.

Character Skills
Electrical Blast: Charged Bolts 1
Electrical Blast: Lightning Bolt 1
Electrical Blast: Zapp 1
Empathy: Clear Mind 1
Empathy: Heal Other 1
Empathy: Healing Aura 1
Empathy: Regeneration Aura 1
Empathy: Resurrect 1
Flight: Hover 1
Teleportation: Recall Friend 1
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