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San Andreas
Tactical Roleplay Group

Once in a while you come across a scenario where you are up against a highly trained unit of dedicated individuals making use of tactics you thought you'd only ever see on military videos to bring down their targets, this is one of those units. With members that have been together for over two years, the Private Military Company (PMC) later titled the Blood Hawks established on 2010, January the eighth. The group is a combination of tactical gamers with many real-life military or police service records, intent on kicking ass the only way they know; with style.

If you can picture yourself inside a heated situation with expert soldiers turned mercanery, if you vision yourself training to operate a radio as a professional, comprehending the drills and tactics ranging from contact drills, ambushing and pincer manouvers to name but a few; you should head straight to the forum to put in an application.

The Blood Hawks may come across as hard, to the point and efficient when doing their duty as Paramilitary enforcers with contracts on the streets of San Paro to earn some cold hard cash whilst doing some good at the same time, but it's not all that. Laughs are bountifull; like the Royal Marine Commandos, being in the suck with people who keep their head is what you want and what we need, all the training that we undertake definately pulls off, with a succsess rate of 80%; fire-fights are easily dominated when this PMC turns up to operate in the vacinity. 

The Blood Hawks train Initiates in the role that they desire if available, for example if you find that your credentials lie within Sharpshooting, we will cater for you so that you can become a tactical professional in that role, Support Gunners, Riflemen, Operation Organizer; there is a wide range of jobs available, and expect to recieve large rewards from it too, both on a self-achievment scale and a profitable one.

Clients interested in making use of the corporation should head to the client services sub-forum to browse our many client packages put together with the customer in mind, you won't be disapointed with the first rate service you will recieve.

The Blood Hawks answer to Captain James Hunter, whom is in soul command of all the individual Fire-Teams, there are many ranks to gain and many specialist logos to earn from your time as a Paramilitary Armed Response Unit, so what are you waiting for? Get involved!


Roleplay - Enforced but also a choice with the PMC.

Roleplay is also encouraged within our sector, the PMC wants you to bring your unique character to the unit, we do not roleplay over teamspeak how-ever, this is just for the down-time and brings an extra element of "things we can do" whilst in game, if roleplay isn't your thing; you can still fit into the PMC; and just stick to the tactical side.

24/7? - Some times it's good to take a break.

Here at the PMC we love working together, but we understand people may wish for a break and to get out on their own for a while, you are most welcome to still be yourself, just make the effort to turn up to the training or any important in-game situations.

Enforcer or criminal?

San Andreas, Argonath, is in a state of anarchy - the police are unprofessional and inadequate and the criminals can get away with just about everything, the Blood Hawks consider themselves to be the eye of calm in the storm and take no affilation with either side.


The uniform of the Blood Hawks in-game is that of the military model or personal security model (special allowances made rarely), the vehicle uniform is the colour black.

San Andreas - January 2011 - PMC

Arthedun, Jan 11, 11 7:48 AM.
After the failure of APB the unit stuck together and played on various games maintaining tactical knowledge and just generally having fun together; now the decision has been made to turn attention to San Andreas, the server Argonath.

APB - Janurary 2010 - Open Beta

Arthedun, Jan 8, 10 11:51 AM.
The game is releasing Q1 2010, the word is that late Janurary will be a massive open Beta, or atleast some time around that zone; let's keep our fingers crossed we can all get in!
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