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Welcome to The Watchers!

We are a level 90 casual play/raid guild.   

We are a not quite casual not quite hardcore raid guild.  Currently we are looking for players, regardless of class or level, to join us.  We are primarily a West Coast guild so our raid times will be at 9:30pm pacific.

Thank you for visiting our site and we hope you enjoy.  If you would like to join please look for us in game and we will be happy to assist you.

The Watcher's. 


Additional Raid Night!!!!!!

Zoeybird1, May 28, 10 11:02 PM.
Okay all we have added a third raid night.  Our raid schedule is as follows:  Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday nights with a form up time of 9:15pm PST and start time of 9:30pm PST.  Please see the calander for up and comming raids.


Zoeybird1, May 21, 10 1:14 PM.
Hello fellow raiding Watchers.  After some discussion we have decided to move our Wednesday raid night to Thursday.  Our new schedule is now Thursday and Friday with a start time of 9:30pm PST with form up starting at 9:15pm PST.  We would like to add in a 3rd raid night at some point but as for now this is the schedule so Please check out the calender and sign up for them!!!! 

Congratulations Watchers on flagging for the Vigilant: Final Destruction!

Rapoix, Mar 26, 10 10:47 PM.
Thank you to all who stuck it out and were willing to die many times to figure out the strat. You guys are awesome. The level of dedication is touching. Thank you!

Now, next wednesday, we will be cracking on this zone. Please take the next several days to gear up and remember to get Rapoix all the Brellium Ore you find. I will buy them for 4plat a piece, or you can donate them. They will be used for guild purposes.

Groovyphoenix has volunteered to make the SF Legendary Mark of Manaar armor. SCOUTS AND TANKS ESPECIALLY, please take advantage of this. Get your marks together and get some pieces made.

Raid Days/Times

Zoeybird1, Mar 11, 10 3:52 AM.
Hello Watchers!  I wanted to announce our new raid nights will be Wednesday and Friday with a start time of 830pm PST.  That means I would like to see people log in at 815pm PST to form up for raid with a kill start time of 830pm.  We are now awarding DKP.  Please see the Raid Rules for further explination on the DKP system.  If you have any questions please ask me, Rapoix, Unaven or Torkil. 


Raiding Update

Zoeybird1, Feb 25, 10 5:40 PM.
Hello Everyone!  I hope all of you are enjoying the new expansion.  With a few of us at lvl 90 and others just shortly behind we will resume raiding soon.  I have a couple places to try out but before doing so myself, Rapoix, Torkil, and Unaven have been comming up with a new loot system of DKP.  We are trying to make it as fair as possible and to encourage people to sign up and show up to the raids.  I do plan to still run some of the old content as we have not seen lot's of it yet.  I will do my best to keep a mix of the two.  Our raid times and days maybe changing so please check back often for updates to the schedule and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.  We are currently recruiting for raid memebers so please if you see someone you think is great at their toon and has a personality to fit The Watchers send them our way.  That's about all.  Have a great day!

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