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Welcome to Blood for Blood!

        Recruits Message: Oi! Get back in line before I have to drag you by your ear! Now, I'm go'in to take one big guess you're all here because of that rock'n recruiting you got by one of our top-of-the-line, higher ranks, right? Right. Now here's the deal...

        I know some of you guys are only here for the loot, the cash, and the honor... honor points, that is- Oh! And don't forget those sweet achievements too -but you've got'ta share this hell hole with all our other members, which include the RP'ers, understood? Just because you act all like blood-and-glory doesn't mean your Thrall, so behave and be nice! Any questions...? Didn't think so. Questions can be addressed to Mwuah, Miss Olive (Sinari), or our Guild Leader, Chuba (Chubawamba). Send us a message with your questions and we'll -attempt- to get back at you ASAP.  And don't even think of sassing me when your message arrives the next day- it's hard enough trying to be a savior of Azeroth, I don't need 'Nanny' added to my list next! Now get you're butt's 'n gear and lets get this guild on a roll!

        (PS: Don't worry- I'm not -that- mean in person =P lol, Now go have fun! ^_^)

       RP'er Message: A Young, beautiful Blood elf sits in a dark, empty section of the royal exchange, covered in black and red plate armor. She glances up curiously, then beckons you over with a gesture. She waves a hand at the ground in front of her, her ice blue eyes focused on you intently... "Sit." It's a simple order, easy to turn down, but you find yourself slumping to the ground automatically, as if under a trance. The blood elf looks you over, then nods to herself, "The names Sin. I am a Mistress of War, or Second in command of the guild Blood for Blood. We are recruiting us some tough-souled young'ns like you to boost up our little army of soldiers." She grins sweetly at you, the look stunning on her angelic face. A small part of your mind realizes she looks no older then eighteen herself. Sin glances around suddenly, as if making sure nobody was watching your conversation. She sighs, and pulls a slender hand through her glossy black hair, "Sorry to do this to you kid. Maybe you're not into the whole save the world stuff, but everyday, thats what were trying to do. Whether it be showing the alliance who's boss, or just helping out others by lending a hand or protecting their back in battle- It's our way of showing were not lazy and were doing everything we can to keep this world stable... well, at least for the horde." A quick grin, "Now, go find your best armor and suit up- I'm taking you to the Undercity to meet the rest of your fellow recruits." The girl stands up, and you follow suit right after her. Sin turns to leave then looks over her shoulder at you, "One more thing..." A wolfish grin crosses her face, "Try staying close, okay kid? I don't want to have to bring my Leader a corpse instead." And with that, she clicks her fingers, summoning forth her Death Charger. She mounts up then looks down at you, waiting for your reply...

(*Phew* That was long xD Oh well, hope it got your spark a bit brighter ^^ Now go check out the site!)

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Possible Raid / instance!

Oliveftw, Jan 10, 10 2:28 PM.
Check the < News & Events > Thread for information on any up-coming events! =D

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Oliveftw, Jan 10, 10 1:22 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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