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Website moving
Jan 28, 11 3:33 PM
Gamers First Letter
Nov 15, 10 1:40 AM
ToB Clan Spotlight!
Nov 15, 10 1:39 AM
Shorter adress!
Nov 14, 10 8:30 AM
Bi weekly ToB newsletter Online!
Nov 14, 10 8:03 AM
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Official Char Reclaim News

so the question was asked will people who didn't get to reclaim their chars when the form was up atleast get a chance to reclaim sometime in the near future?

for those of u like myself whom didn't get to claim here is the official answer from Hyperion
                          "All hope is not lost"

"it is not possible at the moment. Once we get the characters made for the tens of thousands of players that did submit those characters, then we will look at making a more manual process for those that were unable to get their information into the character submission form."

So there it is, well just have to wait and be patient.

Also to make sure u can Enjoy all the Sounds on this page Pls make sure Apple Quicktime is installed.

Have fun

Website moving
By Xsunkiller, Jan 28, 11 3:33 PM

The Web site will be moving to a new guild site soon hopefully by the beginning /middle of next week.

I'll edit this and the home address when I finish it.

Gamers First Letter
By coachescorner, Nov 15, 10 1:40 AM

Dear 9Dragons Community,

I’m the Founder and CEO of Gamersfirst. Over the last 8 years my team and I have built the GamersFirst community one member at a time and we are welcome all of you into our global network of MMO communities. Your... Read More

ToB Clan Spotlight!
By Xsunkiller, Nov 15, 10 1:39 AM

ToB Clan Spolight! WuTang Clan!

Check the forums!

Shorter adress!
By Xsunkiller, Nov 14, 10 8:30 AM

ok so yeah going through guildportal leaves a long Ugly hard to remember site adress right? OFC

So rerouting it through .TK makes life much easier and what else could i have done to shorter the adress lets see take out a few letters for one but nothing harsh the newest easiest way to get her... Read More

Bi weekly ToB newsletter Online!
By Xsunkiller, Nov 14, 10 8:03 AM

Alrighty than, depending on if u actually have the Newsletter Enabled in your settings, you will start getting a new newsletter every (12) days starting with today. If your email is already piled full of junk mail simply disable it in your user settings, just be sure to check back in every other day... Read More

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