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Welcome to the Official Website for Bacon of Hope - a Lord of the Rings Online Kinship on Landroval!

State of the Guild: Updated May 2015: We've been pretty inactive in LotRO for a while, focusing our time on other games. We still consist of the same group of friends plus a couple more now, but if you're interested in getting in on games like Vindictus, GTA V, PAYDAY 2, Arma 3, and many others, look us up on Steam.

We are a Kinship of mostly RL friends and intend to stay fairly small, though we MIGHT be open to the possibility of recruiting if you click with us. We are a mature Kinship with evening/late activities in Central Standard Time.

All that being said, we are a small kinship and still learning the ropes of the game. We joke around a lot, talk smack (in jest), make gay references at each other, y'know, normal stuff. If you're offended easily, we're probably not for you. We cooperate and help with crafting, questing, etc, and are trying to stay fairly close to each other in level and at the same stages of the Epic questline.

Our "core" members are all from Central IL and know each other IRL.

NOTICE: We are looking for a tank, around mid-level (low 40s upper 30s), for evening/overnight activities. Please see the General forum for more info.

Though we aren't actively recruiting, we might be inactively recruiting (we could really use a healing Minstrel or a Burglar). Look around for us, send Celethias a tell, say "Hey, how goes, you guys doing anything that you need a <insert class here> for?" Just leave your "I know this game like the back of my hand and you'll do this how I say" attitude at the door. Also, we're only interested in similarly-leveled characters to accompany us into dungeons and such. We want to experience the dungeons as the designers intended, and not have our hands held as some uberlevel 1-shots everything. We have been learning the boss fights through experience (trial and error, mostly) and trying different things for defeating them until we find out what works. See the Progression section for more information.

Bacon of Hope? WTF?
This chat log will explain it...

Guild Bank Available

MyNameIsViolet, Sep 14, 10 3:43 AM.
The guild bank is now open for business. Any donations can be sent by mail to Afkbank. Please read the related post in the Member section of the forums before donating.
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