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Jan 12, 10 7:25 PM
Looting rules.
Jan 12, 10 6:56 PM
Useful Runes of Magic Links
Jan 12, 10 6:38 PM
Our New Stables
Jan 12, 10 6:18 PM
Offsite Guild Communication
Jan 12, 10 6:16 PM
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Hello and welcome to Infamous.
Infamous is a friendly and helping level eight guild with castle, , skype etc. If you are interested in joining contact Tamsin or Meatsheild in game (Govinda). Or simply send me an email at



jjay2009, Jan 12, 10 7:25 PM.

Looting rules.

jjay2009, Jan 12, 10 6:56 PM.

When you are involved with a group event or instance run that is lead by Infamous we would ask that you adhere to the following guide.

1 Come prepared. This means potions, ammunition (if required)


2 Be prepared to run Skype ( as this is the communication we use while doing group events. Only those persons actively running or assisting with the event will be allowed on call.

3 Listen to whoever is leading the group during the event and adhere to their wishes with regards to mob pulls, and general strategy for each instance.

4 Refrain from general discussion that is not pertinent to the event or specific boss.

5 In the event you feel that you will not be able to run the full event please let the group leader know prior to the event beginning.

6 If you commit to joining an event please make every attempt to complete the event and not leave your guild mates unable to finish. This does not apply to unexpected needs outside Runes of Magic.

Looting Priorities

  1. Actual equipment upgrade to primary class present (character you are playing in the instance).

  2. Need of required item for elite skill training

  3. Actual Equipment Upgrade to secondary class present.

  4. Greed of item for stats to upgrade the character and class you are running at time of drop.

  5. Greed of item for stats to upgrade the character and secondary class you are running at time of drop.

  6. Greed of item for appearance or for an alternate character (please ask prior to selecting).


     In an attempt to benefit the guild as a whole we are asking that you use the following guide as a rule when selecting loot options. Our goal is to outfit our members in a fair and orderly fashion. Given the current loot mechanics this guide will help prevent some common issues that might occur. The following is only intended as a guide and special conditions may be set at the actual time of the event by the event organizer. If an event is going to be run and does not follow the guide below all participants will be notified before the event begins to allow for any concerns to be handled.


  1. When looting you may ONLY NEED if you are going to use the item on the character and class you are currently running. This is in fairness to those who are running a specific class at the time of the drop. While there are times when the drop may be of use to your secondary class, unfortunately the persons running that specific class at the time of the drop would receive primary chance of receiving the item. You may ONLY NEED for an item you are actually going to use and not for the stats it may have or the appearance of the item. The exception to this in the event you are trying to acquire items need for elite skill training you may select NEED if you are actually in need of the item at this point and time for either of your classes


If an item drops that no primary class are able to make use of then you may choose GREED as a roll option in hopes of receiving the item for your secondary class only. This does not apply to stats.


  1. If either of the above conditions are not selected please PASS and in the event no one else has received the item it will be randomly placed in one of the participants backpacks.


With regards to looting options this is done so that ALL members have a chance to receive items that can be used as an equipment upgrade, sold, stripped for stats, or learned. Also if no one has selected GREED and you would like a chance to receive the item for the stat alone you may ASK before selecting greed if anyone is going to use the item for their secondary.


Anytime you wish to receive an item or stat please be sure that it is directly useable by the character and class you are currently playing. Requests for stats have the following order of priority.

  1. Actual character and class being played at the time of drop

  2. Secondary character and class being played at time of drop.

  3. An alternate character

  4. Selling of the stat

Useful Runes of Magic Links

jjay2009, Jan 12, 10 6:38 PM.

Our New Stables

jjay2009, Jan 12, 10 6:18 PM.
You can now increase your mount speed by
2% for 3 hours....for 550 gold.  Just click on the stable in the guild castle!

Offsite Guild Communication

jjay2009, Jan 12, 10 6:16 PM.

Many of our guild members use SKYPE in order to communicate outside the game.  SKYPE is
free to use and download at

If you want to join in our voice conversations, please let us know and we'll add you!

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