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About Helm's Deep


Welcome to Helm's Deep, a Lord of the Rings Online kinship on the Meneldor Server.  We are a relaxed, mature Rank 10 kinship with a primary focus on mastering end-game content in our own time and with respect for one another at the core of who we are as a kinship.  We enjoy having fun in-game with a great appreciation for the lore of Tolkien and Middle Earth and strive to be a kinship built upon integrity and respect for one another.


Huzzah! We really do remember how to raid...

Anurin of the Grey Mountains, Sep 29, 14 12:24 PM.
Return to Barad Guldur!  

Great job on Level 100 Tier 2 Challenge completion of Durchest and the Twins

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Anurin 12/12/2014 9:14 PM
Update 15.1 and 6-man Pelargir on Monday!
Evraen 11/29/2014 1:51 AM
Hope everyone (well, at least the Americans) had a happy Thanksgiving!
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