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Mandrison (SuperAdmin) 5/10/2010 7:56 PM EST : Prot Warrior Macros
White King

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This post is by-request.  Since I'm the macro-expert, and since my Warrior has pretty good AoE threat, I was called upon to share my secrets.  Outside of practice and frustration, I owe the most to macros.

General Prot-Warrior Macro
Okay, so there's six or seven spells that I use during a battle.  I have a macro for each of them.  However, the macros follow the same general format.  Because of that, I'm not going to list each spell, just the format.
        #showtooltip {spell}
        /cast Shield Block
        /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()
        /cast {spell}
        /cast [mod:alt] !Heroic Strike; [nomod:ctrl] !Cleave
There you go.  That is the secret to my success.  Let me explain, though.  "{spell}" needs to be replaced with each power.  Instead of typing "{spell}", try "Devastate", as in, do not put {} on either side of the ability.  The macro itself has built-in mitigation and AoE.  By casting Shield Block whenever it's on cooldown, I increase my chance to block by 100% - meaning every 40 seconds,for 10 seconds at a time, I block every attack that comes through.  Also, when I'm doing this impossibly badass feat, the amount of damage I absorb with my shield is doubled.  There's your mitigation.
Now that last line should make sense if you've read my post on macros, however I'll go through it a little bit.  If I use this macro without holding down any modifier keys, it triggers Cleave.  If I'm holding down alt, it triggers Heroic Strike.  If I'm holding down ctrl, it triggers neither of these.  Why?  First, I tank many more heroics than raids, so I'll want Cleave in order to hit my off-targets so I can biuld good AoE threat.  Second, Heroic Strike does far more threat than Cleave, so I wanna be able to use HS on boss-fights.  Finally, there are situations where Rage is slower to build up, so I needed a way to not trigger these Rage-dumps.
I hate to say it, but that's basically it.  Create macros for Devastate, Shield Slam, Revenge, Shockwave, Thunder Clap, Concussion Blow, and Demoralising Shout using this format, and you're good.

Other Useful Macros
Now, I also use a couple other macros, but they're mostly written to save action bar space while still keeping everything available.  First, there's my shouts;
        /cast [mod:alt] Battle Shout; Commanding Shout
This lets me cast my shouts.  Commanding Shout is pretty basic for all Prot Warriors, but sometimes you find yourself in a situation where another Warrior is using Commanding Shout.  Instead of being dead-weight, why not use Battle Shout for a little extra attack power?
The other one I consider a bit of crowd-control;
        /cast [mod:alt] Intimidating Shout; Challenging Shout
So, Challenging Shout forces all nearby enemies to you, Intimidating Shout acts like Psychic Scream or Howl of Terror.

Thanks for your attention!
That's it, guys.  Those are the macros I use to tank.  Everything else is skill and attention to detail.  Good luck, guys.

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