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Alliance Members
Sep 28, 11 3:53 PM
Raid Trophies
Jul 18, 10 8:05 PM
Helpful links
Mar 2, 10 2:18 PM
Guild Hall Amenity Upgrades Agenda
Mar 2, 10 1:33 PM
Web Site Live on GuildPortal!
Mar 2, 10 12:43 PM
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Welcome to the Qeynos Crafters guild website!

Qeynos Crafters, founded on Nov 26, 2005, is a fairly laid-back group of artisans and adventurers that play to enjoy EQII at our own pace.  Although we don't require anything specific, most of us take pride in leveling our crafting skills first and foremost, but we don't shy away from leveling as adventurers either.

Since the advent of Sentinel's Fate, many of us are preoccupied with leveling as adventurers and upgrading our weapons, armor, spells, etc.  There are several zones that can aid each of us to acquire all that we need, and to get started in that new zone it is recommended to begin with the starter quests.  The Sentinel's Fate zone is mostly about faction, so be prepared to level and raise faction from the outset.

If you want to know more about our guild, alliances and history, stick around and keep reading. 

Alliance Members

qeynoscrafters, Sep 28, 11 3:53 PM.
Our alliance is now 11 guilds strong.  Here's our current membership:

  • Legion
  • Embracers of Light
  • Guardians of Valor
  • Bootleggers
  • Qeynos Crafters
  • Knights of Honour
  • Order of the White Roses
  • Legion of Doom
  • Domination
  • Celestial Knights
  • Illuminaughty

Raid Trophies

qeynoscrafters, Jul 18, 10 8:05 PM.
After several successful raids, we've managed to collect a few trophies from name drops.  The following trophies are in the guild hall lobby:

  1. Leviathan Tentacle
  2. Mayong's Coffin
  3. Venril Sathir's Head
  4. Godking Anuk's Head
  5. Aiden's Head

Helpful links

qeynoscrafters, Mar 2, 10 2:18 PM.
Character specifications:

Guild Hall Amenity Upgrades Agenda

qeynoscrafters, Mar 2, 10 1:33 PM.
Our guild, currently at level 35, is working toward amenity improvements.  Our most recent addition is the Guild Translocation Beacon, which gives each character a "Call To Guildhall" spell when clicked and is located in the same area as the other transportation amenities. 

We have a few goals at this time and one unused amenity that can should be used on something that will benefit us immediately.  Some of these goals are obtainable now and some in the not-too-distant and very-distant future.

Keep in mind that the guild gains amenities at levels 35 (our current level), 40, 45, 50, etc., and the number of new amenities alternates with 3 at the decade mark (ex: 40) and 2 at mid-decade (ex: 45).

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Guild Strategist: gives us the ability to place a flag at a location for the purpose of porting back to the flag, when you're in a big hurry to return.  The cost is 100 plat and 20 million status, with maintenance at 2 plat and 1K status.
  2. Guild Hall Banker: can immediately help characters with opposite alliances, especially when they're crafting in the guild hall and run out of materials.  The cost is 10 plat and 1 million status, with maintenance at 20 gold and 5K status.
  3. Guild Hall World Market broker: the benefits run along the same lines as the Banker for oppositely aligned characters--it's the need for speed that makes this a must at some point. The cost is 10 plat and 1 million status, with maintenance at 20 gold and 5K status.
  4. Harvesting Supply Depot: frees up guild banks 3 and 4.  The cost for this is 25 plat and 5 million status, with maintenance at 50 gold and 25K status.
In order to maintain our Guild Hall and acquired amenities, we need to pay the price.  Please deposit status and cash at your convenience.  Remember, the Guild Hall is here to make life more convenient for everyone.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

qeynoscrafters, Mar 2, 10 12:43 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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