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Where Now?
This is the old site to the Entropy Legion when City of Heroes/Villains existed.  The Legion has been recreated, more or less, in The Secret World.
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Of Days Past...
The Entropy Legion has its founding from a villain of The Union of Dire Ambition, Skelros.  It is unclear wether Skelros founded the Legion before or after his falling out with the Union, but the Legion was active right around that time.  Some say that the founding of the Legion created the rift with the Union, as it might have been considered a conflict of interests with this high ranking Union member.

Unfortunately for Skelros, he lost control of the Legion shortly afterwards by an usurper Radium Blight.  Now with Radium Blight in control, the Legion has applied, and been granted, membership into the Union of Dire Ambition.

The goals have now changed with the change in leadership.  While Skelros was intent on taking over the world, the Legion now works on other matters.  While world conquest is an overall goal of the current Entropy Legion, more pressing matters are at hand.  Pressing matters like keeping their new bosses, the Union of Dire Ambition, happy and fighting against all those heroes in Paragon City.


Entropy Legion was a RP Villain group, founded by members of the Hero group Hyperion Force.  The desire to RP and create running plots was the cornerstone of Entropy Legion.  We created a fun atmosphere that was, for the most part, a continuous RP thread.

Entropy Legion thought of it self more of a Silver Age villain group in style.  Sure, more gritty, late 80s style (Bronze Age) stories happened, but that was more the exception than the norm.  Think of Legion of Doom with better plot ideas!
The Last Event
The Legion lived as they always did: a bit confused and inept.

Video Tribute
Remember remember the 30th of November
NCSofts treason and plot
I see no reason why the Paragon treason
Should ever be forgot.
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