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Event Values
  • Attending an RP event: +100 DKP
  • Hosting an event: +50 DKP
  • Attending "Grind" event:  +50 DKP
  • Signing up status on event prior to event: +10 DKP

Possible Mission Awards
  • Awarded Bronze medal: +10 DKP
  • Awarded Silver medal: +10 DKP
  • Awarded Gold medal: +25 DKP
Supporter Badges
This was for gaining Prestige for the Legion.  The badges were:
  • Contributor:  for 50,000 Prestige
  • Donor: for 100,000 Prestige
  • Supporter:  for 250,000 Prestige
  • Backer: for 500,000 Prestige
  • Sponsor: for 1,000,000 Prestige
  • Benefactor: for 2,000,000 Prestige

Hall of Fame
Paragon Chat Calendar Key
Events are coded in various colors to indicate what kind of event it is.  The color key is as follows:
  • Villain RP events are in Red
  • Praetorian RP are in Yellow
  • Social Party/Events are in White
All times displayed are EST.
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Virtue Server Event History
Events were coded in various colors to indicate what kind of event it is.  The color key was as follows:

  • Villain RP events were in Red
  • Heroic RP events were in Blue
  • Villain and Hero team-up RP events were in Purple
  • Praetorian RP were in Yellow
  • Social Party/Events were in White
  • RPvP events were in Green

For a short time, while we tried to transition into Champions Online, we had events in Orange to signify those events.

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