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The ranks of Entropy Legion, from highest to lowest rank:

  1. Boss
  2. Taskmaster (Officer focusing on AE stories)
  3. Ringleader (Officer focusing on in-game content)
  4. Henchman (3000 - 4000 dkp)
  5. Minion (500 - 3000 dkp)
  6. Underling (0 - 500 dkp)
Current View:

Guild Roster
Character NameGP UserSecLvlOriginArchetypeG.Handle
Anger Bodda    Cythisgood30Magic Brute@cythisgood 
Avatar of Clockworklordofvermillion35Technology MasterMind@lord of vermillion 
Christopher Edge Christopher Edge50Mutant Stalker@Qlimax MW 
Claw of Shadows                    Alicia Jewel50 (+1)Natural Stalker@Alicia Jewel 
Dark Lies Made Real                   Useless Fiend50 (+1)Magic MasterMind@Useless Fiend 
Diamondbrute      davpa50 (+1)Science Brute@davpa 
Digital Epione            Epione50 (+3)Technology Blaster@Dr. Freezus 
Dr ClockFalke-X12Technology Corrupter@Falke 
Dracofire         coreth50Mutant Corrupter@Coreth 
Dyre WoofSpyralPegacyon28Mutant Brute@SpyralPegacyon 
El Deguello  Lightnyng28Mutant Stalker@wirraway 
Evil RobotoSendora4Technology Blaster@lavosmanx 
Hartford Corpse       Uncle_Arctic44Magic MasterMind@polarzen 
Ignus Portens                      Cythisgood50 (+3)Magic Dominator@cythisgood 
Killer Cowboy  Ilify23Natural Blaster@Gear Dude 
Lady Silhoette  Uncle_Arctic35Mutant Corrupter@polarzen 
Leet Hacks    Epione34Magic MasterMind@Dr. Freezus 
Mad Manta                         Mad Manta50Magic Stalker@Samanta 
Madcap Jester             Obsidian Ankh50 (+1)Technology Corrupter@Obsidian Ankh 
Magistryx Lucra           Felvakiller50Magic MasterMind@Lucra 
Miss Ultimate                    _toxa_50 (+3)Natural Tanker@Toxa 
Night Widow Ricki                        SpyralPegacyon50 (+3)Natural Arachnos Widow@SpyralPegacyon 
Nuclear Breakdown   davpa28Science Brute@davpa 
PhobiusNorth-Shield5Science Dominator@tocasia 
Radium Blight                            davpa50 (+3)Science Corrupter@davpa 
Safeword?      _toxa_50 (+3)Magic Dominator@Toxa 
Sanguine Dreadnaught Useless Fiend21Technology Brute@Useless Fiend 
Seer Chloe SpyralPegacyon21Mutant Dominator@SpyralPegacyon 
Skelros    davpa19Science Controller@davpa 
Straight Jacket     NyteRavynn27Mutant Dominator@NyteRavynn 
Tee Zee _toxa_50Natural Brute@Toxa 
Template    *Flamedancer*50 (+3)Science Tanker@Flamedancer 
Thorja     _toxa_50 (+1)Magic Brute@Toxa 
Unda PotensCythisgood5Magic Dominator@cythisgood 
Victoria SteamUncle_Arctic23Technology Corrupter@polarzen 
Widow ForsytheCythisgood37Natural Arachnos Widow@cythisgood 

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