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Jan 4, 08 6:05 PM
Rps ending 10-07-07
Oct 8, 07 7:50 PM
RPS ending 9/23/07
Sep 24, 07 3:13 PM
RPS ending 9/9/07
Sep 10, 07 4:10 PM
RPS ending 9/2/07
Sep 3, 07 5:15 AM

Order of the Raven
With its striking black plumage and loud, hoarse call, the raven cannot help but draw attention to itself. In many mythogies, this bird is viewed as a supernatural messenger or guide. The ancient Norse associated the raven with Odin, the ruler of the gods. Every day Odin sent two ravens, Hugin (Thought) and Munin (Memory) to fly about the earth as his spies.When they returned, the birds would sit on the god's shoulder and whisper all they had witnessed. Native American people of the Pacific Northwest think of the raven in a different way. To them, Raven is the creator spirit as well as a mischievous spirit. One legend tells that Raven created the earth but had to trick a powerful sky chief to bring light to this world. In our case, The Order of the Ravens hunt and kill Albs and Hibs for entertainment purposes.  This is our creed!



537177735_Inactive, Jan 4, 08 6:05 PM.
Happy 2008!
I know must have went to other games and stuff.
I've been playing on the classic servers all realms for the time.
/Who Sicc and you should find me. Oleandar switched to WoW Cenarion Circle as a druid named Oleandar. :) Keep in contact everyone.


Rps ending 10-07-07

Warraven, Oct 8, 07 7:50 PM.
Well I did it..... :)

Rabidraven 50th level Hunter 1,291

RPS ending 9/23/07

537177735_Inactive, Sep 24, 07 3:13 PM.
Glad to see Dew back from vacation.

Dewsparkle Imbas 50th level Valkyrie 6,904
Rabidraven 50th level Hunter 2,060
Ravenwatcher 50th level Healer 1,219
Ravenarmy 50th level Bonedancer 1,127

RPS ending 9/9/07

537177735_Inactive, Sep 10, 07 4:10 PM.
Grtz to Rabidraven, gj bro.

Rabidraven 50th level Hunter 24,324
Siccrow 50th level Shadowblade 15,302
Ravenwatcher 50th level Healer 1,617
Ravenarmy 50th level Bonedancer 1,314
Ravenbuff 50th level Shaman 863
Buffiend 50th level Shaman 33

RPS ending 9/2/07

537177735_Inactive, Sep 3, 07 5:15 AM.
Grtz bro.

Rabidraven 50th level Hunter 8,124
Siccrow 50th level Shadowblade 4,788
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