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Welcome to the Special Task Group!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are the first and last line of defense. We are assigned to task that require secrecy, as well as those tasks deemed impossible, even for M.A.C.O. We are the Special Task Group

STG is a relaxed enviroment meant to help other players advance in rank and simply have fun. Role-playing was on our minds when STG was still a fathomed idea, but seeing as not everyone is a Star Trek enthusiast, and not every-one is into Role-play, no-one is required to attend those sessions

Also..the Fleets theme song is "Don't stop me now" by Queen...because Queen is awesome.

Help out your fellow members when asked, and keep a friendly face.

If you have any friends willing to join our wonderful Fleet, or simply check us out. Send them to Inuss or Akivav. If they are not online but you are of Cadet rank and up, go ahead and recruit them!

So lets have fun, RP a little (or a lot :D) and help out our fellow officer!

Fleet Exchange Program

Akivav K. Katan, May 30, 10 7:04 PM.
In order to improve Fleet relations. I have thought of a simple idea of an Fleet Exchange Program. I believe, or at least hope that at least every one in the "Fleet name" knows of your allied fleets. In an attempt to increase relations, I approach you with this idea as well as the rules and policies that are in mind

Fleet Exchange Program : Interested Fleets

Special Task Group

Sierra Defense Fleet

Alpha Centauri Institute

Fleet Exchange Program : Policy

- Sign up
    Those who are interested simply need to sign up for the exchange. Simply contact the appropriate Officer to access the sign up sheet of who you want to exchange to.

- Time of Exchange
    Once you have decided who you would like to exchange to, you need to decide for how long you would like to be a part of the Fleet you want to exchange to. This must be longer then a week, and less then four months. After your assigned time, you are allowed the decision to stay for a longer time until you wish to return to your Fleet, or simply return back to your fleet after the time. You are expected to complete the choice time unless there are extenuating circumstances. If such circumstances occur, you must contact your "original" Fleets commander and exchange officer who will decide if your case is valid or not.

- Post sign-up
After you sign up, you will be contacted by the appropriate officer in charge of Fleet exchange and your Fleet commander as well as the exchange officer of your choice Fleet and their Fleet commander. This simply to make sure you indeed do want to go over into the other Fleet for your time.

- Joining your new Fleet
    When you join your new Fleet, you will become a member of the Fleet. Each Fleet does have the right however, to treat you the same as a new recruit. ((Ie probation periods and character interviews))

- Returning home
    Finally, after you return back to your "original" Fleet. A small ceremony may be held.

Fleet Exchange Program : Rules

Eligible candidates :

- Eligible candidates are subject to change from Fleet to Fleet. Basic candidate's as described by this document are the following : Any member of the interested Fleets who is in not in a position of duty ((Ie Liason Officer, Head of Security)) and who is also not on probation of any kind. This is of course the basic definition with each Fleet allowed to specify what an eligible candidate is.

Chosen time frame :

- As stated above, those who volunteer are expected to finish there time frame with there chosen Fleet. Unless of course if there are extenuating circumstances, then the affected volunteer must talk to there original Fleet commander and exchange officer.

Expected duties :

- Expected duties while at your new Fleet are simply to act in that Fleet as you would at your original Fleet. During your time, you will not be promoted to higher position other then a member since of course, this is simply for relations between the fleet. As well, Fleets have the right to decide whether or not exchange members need to write up a report.

Unexpected circumstances :

- If, for any reason a volunteer decides to leave there original Fleet for there new Fleet after there defined time, then a meeting between the two Fleet's Commanders and Exchange Officers will be held.

"Measure of a (Dead) Man" - Season 1, Episode 1

Akivav K. Katan, May 7, 10 11:37 AM.
Synopsis: "Captain's Log, USS Vermillion, Stardate 87931.1 -- Captain Reginald R. Kimvey, commanding. While on a routine military survey of the Selinas Novar System, the Vermillion's sensors picked up an anomalous reading on the fourth planet, designated SN-M03. My science officer recorded the reading as an extremely low-yield EM 'blip.' If we weren't openly scanning for charged Kralonite deposits we probably would have missed it. We didn't have time to investigate as a Borg sphere had been sited in the area four days ago. Admiral Quinn's orders were to remain invisible, so that's what we're doing. I'm not even placing a marker. At Quinn's request, I'm transmitting a copy of this log entry directly to the Alpha Centauri Institute via coded subspace carrier to avoid any Romulan or Klingon interceptions. I know the ACI has the brains -- and the support firepower -- to get in and get out, and find out what's down there. It's possible it may be useful in this war. Maybe not, but that's not our call. Kimvey out."

Additional Intel: [Personal log entry (presumed) intercepted by a Pacled freighter, Stardate 42533.7 (roughly 35 years ago). Added to this file because the Pacled SS Menlin has been the only other vessel within 2.5 lightyears of SN-M03] "I am Shabash. My ship is the Menlin. My science people cannot make the Day project work and that is making me very tired and unhappy. I am having my cargo officer dispose of the Day project so we do not have to worry about it any more. That is all. I am Shabash of the Menlin."

Requested Personnel for this Mission: Science Team: Officers skilled with electromagnetic theory and xenotechnology, back-up should include those familiar with arctic or sub-arctic planetology as SN-M03 is a Class M world currently in the throws of an ice age. Medical crew. Engineering Team: Minimal relative to the needs of Science, though highly encouraged. Escort Team: Selinas Novar is considered a Borg 'hot spot,' a 1:1 ratio of military back-up is advised. Command: One representative from Science, one from Tactical.

Primary Objective: Locate and analyze the EM 'blip' reported by the USS VERMILLION.
Secondary Objective: To be determined by the ground team once the primary objective is accomplished.

Mission Authority
: Starfleet Command has turned over all rights and responsibilities of SN-M03 to the ACI.

Ok guys, this looks is in our forums, so go check it out. There is a link. If you have further question about the event it's self, contact Shenn@MJRigg in-game!

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Akivav K. Katan, Apr 19, 10 11:57 PM.
Forums operational...time to work on recruitment!
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