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Meena's VA Video

Meena [VA], Aug 14, 06 8:42 PM.

Don't know if anyone still reads this but...
In light of everything that's been going on lately. 
(Changing linkshells and all that.)  I thought everyone could use a little something to help ease the transition so to speak...LOL.  Sorry that was lame.  Anyway, this is a little video I made about VA.  Thought I'd share it with you all!  It's nothing fancy, just screenshots to some music, and prewarning you now, it's a little long...but I had so many cool shots!  So enjoy! ^-^)b

(Sorry ahead of time for all the Meena shots, it was unavoidable!)

Vagrant Alliance Memories

Crimson Gauntlets & Zenith Slacks

Meena [VA], Jun 25, 06 11:03 PM.

Thanks to everyone who came for Gods this Sunday.
Congratulations to everyone who got items!

Congratulations Neenasan!

Meena [VA], Jun 8, 06 7:32 PM.

Neena Obtains Shura Togi!

Special Thanks to those who attended Kirin run on Sunday:
Arcanemoogle, Billythekidd, Chud, Colomis, Drini, Ellowyn, Gabreil, Gafgarion, Gensing, Jaysin, Kinson, Killwill, Lia, Midochan, Monaris, Neena, Pabloxx, Redbud, Shihtzu, and Tamission! 
Couldn't have done it without you!

Congratulations Durden

Chud, May 31, 06 9:17 AM.

Last night VA camped Voluptuous Vivian and did some skill-ups in the process and one of our members left with more than just a cool title.
VV popped right before we were about to call it, and after a sound beating, Vivian decided she had had enough of VA and dropped her ring.  It now rests on the finger of Durden. (I think there is a slight crush involved....shhhh)
A huge thank you to Meena, Colomis, and Thepont for spending a good chunk of time helping Durd and skillin up.  Also a thanks to Gensing and Taz for comin later in the night and helping with the kill.  Grats all on a job well done.


Meena [VA], May 20, 06 12:33 AM.

Sky Farming will now take place every
MONDAY & WEDNESDAY at approximately 7pm PST.

Any extra last minute farming can be done at anytime of course, so long as a group is willing.  However these nights specifically will be dedicated to farming.  If you'd like to keep your attendence up and help out with the farm, do not begin anything prior to the start time. (7pm PST)  Don't XP, don't start missions, be ready in Sky around this time.  Being ready meaning, have oils, and don't go AFK.

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