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Welcome to Onyx Soul

Welcome visitors and members!  If you are interested in seeing what our guild is all about, please read the guild information links to the left, drop a note in the forums with your questions, or contact one of our officers when they are online.

Recruits are more then welcome to drop us a post on the forum page entitled: Recruitment. Details can be found within explaining the exact steps to create an account here upon Guildportal, and how to go about joining our guild. We are actively expanding our roster and hope to hear from everyone soon.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask for assistance from any of our officers.  Remember, you can mail any of our officers by simply clicking on their name.

Recruitment Status Is Currently: Done ... guild is over
Recruitment bonus available for: Void

Guild News
A sad End
By 537156217_Inactive, Oct 11, 05 3:41 PM

Onyx Soul is no more ... I disbanded the guild today.  Thanks to all who tried to get things rolling, but we never were able to build a roster or keep anyone interested. With the loss of not only half our active members, but half the Inner Circle, the end was clearly in sight.

Thanks fri... Read More

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Item Lookup
We apologize, but due to the recent acquisition of Allakhazam by IGE (the account / item / currency sellers), and the damage they inevitably do to the games we support, this content type has been removed.  Please note that guild admins can add any type of content they like -- this is onlya  removal of the built-in content type that previously linked directly to Allakhazam's search.


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