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to Tazosurefoot of Ferran's Hope for making our banner. We really appreciate it.

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Hail Visitors! We are The Unnamed, one of the oldest guilds (April 2003) in Everquest Online Adventures on Hodstock. TU is a raiding guild and we are currently recruiting active, raid oriented players. Please see recruitment section for details. 

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Summary of guild activities... 7/29-8/4

Myrah-alc, Aug 5, 06 8:58 AM.
It was a busy and fun week. We have managed to kill the twin dragons 6x during our week in POD. Bertoxxolous x 1. QOV x 3. Dynmath a gazillion times, enough to equip all our MTs and some alts their otherworldy helms, etc. Also a good time to do epics at the moment, we have killed Synder of the Indigo and Boldunder. Congratulations to all the winners.

Welcome back everyone!

Myrah-alc, Jul 30, 06 10:11 AM.
Well, it took a while but looks like our guild is alive and kicking ass again. After Hagley, people got bored and took a loooong vacation from EQOA. Not me though, I don't think I have ever been away from EQ for more than a week. Tell you what, it feels good to see all of you again. I was really
bummed out and getting bored and was missing the old TU a lot. For those of you not back in the game, we have Cin, GT, Chico, Soladar, Kakkarott (the purple armored Bard), Coup and Star back full time. (So, Mastrace family, this is a hint for you guys, :) and also to OD, Thsee and Malsis if you happen to drop by.) Nindy, please come and visit too. Your cleric is the MH now. Our dear friend Negativebo has also been visiting and he got Koror to say hi to everyone! I would like to thank Rancor and Lazz/Luvme for stepping up and taking more responsibilities while most of the Masters were gone. A warm welcome to all the new people we have in guild. Also we have former members coming back, I hope you guys are here to stay. Welcome back, Roxe and Ogathor and Gallain.

Enough chit-chat. It was a busy day/night yesterday. We started with QOV, (Cin won ring), then off to Primeval Elemental who dropped crappy stuff, lol; and on to POD, we killed Bertoxxulous who dropped a Paladin spell and while we were fighting Bert, the twins Pox and Uzra conveniently spawned so killed both and a Monk spell dropped,then we finished with Dymath. Ah, it was fun.


Myrah-alc, Mar 12, 06 8:38 AM.
Well, Hagley,the Test Server opened last January and our guild has practically moved there except for a chosen few. :P We opened our membership in Hagley to people from other server and so far it has been positive. Our very own Achilees was the first 60 there and the guild completed Plane of Sky. Currently, we are in POD.

If you want to apply for membership to TU,Hagley...please send an in-game mail to ULTIMATMANA. For those in Hodstock, all applications are on hold, sorry.

Happy New Year!

Myrah-alc, Jan 9, 06 5:09 PM.
It has been awhile since I have updated this website. Happy New Year to all of you...Some of our members are gone from the game but I know you still lurk at this website and at Well, TU has been quiet with the holidays. It was a time to do stuff in real life and grinding on alts. Some have completed epics on their 3rd or 4th toons. 

I would like to welcome all new members to TU. There's quite a few and I hope you will be happy here. :)

Last night we defeated Ahriana the Ultimate for one of Coup's alts. And we visited our long time foe, QOV of the Desolation chain. Soladar main tanked and succeded on first pull. I won the ring with a 98! Great job as always, guild. 

Bertoxxulous: You got Clanked!

Myrah-alc, Dec 3, 05 10:01 PM.
Woooot. Congrats, Macroheal for clanking Bertoxxolous. One pull, perfect raid. Great guild effort by The Unnamed. I'm very proud of you, guys. Drops were mask of the plaguebringer, shoes of the plaguebringer and  leggings of the wayward dead.

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Summary of guild activities... 7/29-8/4
Aug 5, 06 8:58 AM
Welcome back everyone!
Jul 30, 06 10:11 AM
Mar 12, 06 8:38 AM
Happy New Year!
Jan 9, 06 5:09 PM
Bertoxxulous: You got Clanked!
Dec 3, 05 10:01 PM


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