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Game News
Welcome to Project BlueStar!  If you haven't created your costume yet, here's how it goes:

Some costume examples:
In addition to the Stealth tights, we now also allow metallic. Pics coming soon.
Guild News

Notice of Dismissal

AgentWills, Jan 10, 12 1:08 AM.

As unfortunate as it is, agents HD and Wolfe have been expelled from Project BlueStar due to improper conduct, specifically, harrassment of others and sexual behavior in a public place.  Multiple warnings had been issued but it has been brought to our attention through chat logs that the behavior has continued.  Please be aware, we do not take this sort of conduct lightly.  As a member of this organization, your actions reflect on your SG mates as well as yourself.  Please treat others with respect and dignity in all your endeavors.

Agent Wills

Announcing the first BlueStar Insta-CC

AgentWills, Aug 4, 11 5:14 PM.
No need to stand in line.  No need to wait around.  Just be there and be seen!  BlueStar agents will be patrolling Atlas Park and Pocket D from 5:00-6:00 p.m. eastern time on Saturday, August 6th, 2011 looking for costumes that catch their eye.  Agent Wills will select which officers should be choosing winners and handing out prizes.  Periodically throughout the hour various agents will choose winners, hand over the prize and then then that winner will be announced.

Categories and prizes are as follows:

Great Costume Award
     --Awarded for an aesthetically pleasing costume
     --Prize: 50 million influence

Great Bio Award
     --Awarded for interesting, creative and well written bios
     --Prize 50 million influence

The Whole Package
     --Awarded for a great costume and bio
     --Prize: 100 million influence plus valuable enhancements and/or recipes.

Nice Bot! Award
     --Awarded for well done robot and cyborg type characters
     --Prize: 1 each of Military Cybernetic, Holographic Memory, Chronal Skip, Positronic Matrix, and Synthetic Intelligence Unit

The Ickiest Award
     --This one's pretty self explanatory
     --Prize: 2 Black Blood of the Earth, 2 Hamidon Goo, and 1 Pangean Soil

Shiny! Award
     --Awarded for great use of metallic costume parts
     --Prize: 2 Impervium and 1 each of Enchanted Impervium, Rikti Alloy, and Platinum.

Goodness, Cover Yourself! Award
     --Awarded for overly skimpy outfits
     --Prize: 5 Mu Vestments

Now on Union!

AgentWills, May 23, 11 6:22 PM.
We've started a branch of Project BlueStar on the Union server.  If you'd like go ahead and make a toon there and get in touch with me (@Aculeus)  Thanks!

I'm back!

AgentWills, May 20, 11 1:22 PM.
Made it back to Washington and my own computer.  Let's get things going again!


AgentWills, Mar 22, 11 11:21 AM.
Please accept my apologies for being gone so long.  In mid January my mom had a heart attack and I went to Missouri to be with her.  I thought I would only be gone for a week or two, but due to complications they delayed the surgery  by three weeks and then I have been staying during her recovery.  She had quintuple bypass surgery last month and she's just now getting well enough that I can head back home.  I haven't had access to CoH for all this time so I'm sure the SG has probably fallen apart.  I wish I had known how long I'd be here, I would have made some arrangements.
--BlueStar Agent Wills
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