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KatieAyers (Member) 12/27/2006 2:19 PM EST : Guild Rules~ An Introduction As Written By Mestopholies

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Our guild is here to serve life. We do this in many various ways and we do so without regard to our own lives. As it says in the healing lessons an animist does not fear death. We need to remember this. Our actions are here to serve life and the will of our guild patron Lord Aldaron.

Over the next few posts I will be posting rules guidelines and policies of our guild all of which I believe conform to the wishes of Lord Aldaron, If they do not I am sure he will make it known either directly to me or by posting here himself. Yes I am the current guild master but as it has always been this guild serves life and the wishes of the Lord of Life are our dictates.

We must always remember that for the animist the service of life comes first. Yes we do this with a touch of compassion but Life can be harsh and sometimes must be harsh. There are few rules that we hold to be firm but those cardinal rules such as those dictating the usage of wurtfoil must be followed or dire consequences will follow.

That being said I will attempt to not be long winded and to post as clearly
and concisely as possible as to leave no room for ambiguity. These rules and guidelines are expected to be followed. We are animist and as such we are held to a higher standard then the fighting guilds, and we are under the
constant scrutiny of the divine and mortals of the realm.

If no rules or guidelines are broken I will defend your actions with every
breath in my body as will all of your fellow animists. But if you break the
rules knowingly and willingly I will also be the first to punish you. We are
a family and always have been, sometimes we forget this. Though we may not always agree with eachother's motives or actions we support each other and do our best to get along. Like most families we occasionally have disagreements, but you can always come to me or any of our DGM s to work on such things.

What I say here I say as the Guildmaster of the Animists. I speak as myself
and in what I believe are the best interests of our guild. I love you all
dearly and want you all to understand and learn that the service of life is
not an easy path but can be very rewarding.

Yes it is true that through much of my time as Guild Master I have sat back
and watched. I was learning myself. Seeing what was going on before I spoke. But the time has come to speak and to plainly state what is expected of you all. Our guild has served life for centuries and it will continue to do so.

Yours In Life And Compassion,


Written by my hand on the 20th of Ilmarael, in the year 1173.

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