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KatieAyers (Member) 12/27/2006 2:05 PM EST : Animistic Decorum~As Written By Mestopholies

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We are here to serve life, we do so with a touch of compassion and with the
powers of nature, but we must also learn to control ourselves and our own
actions. Life is precious, Life is harsh but it is also strict and the rules
we have laid down followed. To this end I will be over the next few days
posting a series of posts about various guild rules that must be followed.
Yes there are some exceptions and I will attempt to post those as well.

You may serve life as you wish. You may be proactive, you may rez everyone you want, you may heal people in battle in your home city but you must also accept all consequences that come with that. If you are hunted for no good reason, if you have not provoked any attack then the guild will stand behind you. Otherwise we will just be there to pick up the pieces. We will always be a family and always help each other but there are actions that we cannot tolerate or allow.

Over the last few months I have noticed a massive shift in animistic decorum. I have seen and heard of and seen proof of animists calling people names, laughing and cheering if they die and many other things.

When you act like that and get attacked by someone I'll be damned if I will
see that as a blacklistable offence. We are a guild of life we DO NOT REVEL IN DEATH. That being said as dear Lady Brigantia noted we have to be careful what we post publically because no matter what caveats we place on it when one of us speaks it effects us all.

If you feel you absolutely must post PLEASE choose your words wisely, still their venom make sure it sounds as if life actually matters to you, and by all means show some compassion. Acting like spoiled children, name calling, lauging at people dying these are not animistic traits and will not be tolerated because they invite an open season of attacks on animists.

All I ask is that you please show a little decorum and definitely STOP all
public displays of Joy at someone's death. Yes you are only human and inside you may say oh so and so killed me wahoo they are dead. Its one thing to think it, another thing to say it so they can hear you!

Yours In Life and Compassion,


Written by my hand on the 19th of Ilmarael, in the year 1173.

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